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Get an Analysis by Fresh Eyes

Typos and grammatical errors look unprofessional. I always get an analysis on my listings by fresh eyes. Your second sight should be someone you trust. There’s no shame in having someone else double-check your listing before it goes live, especially if they make it better.  Making those small changes to a listing can differentiate it from the competition and help it “stand out.” Listen to learn more about double-checking your listings. 

Recruiting and Retaining Top Producers w/Judy LaDeur

Do you recruit top performers? If one common thread binds real estate industry executives together, it’s all about attracting and retaining quality sales employees - which is crucial for continuing growth and success.

On today’s show, our guest is Judy LaDeur, a real estate recruiting coach. Judy and her organization are dedicated to training the best brokers, managers, recruiters, agents, and team leaders. For more than 30 years, Judy’s teaching and coaching to many clients led to positive outcomes that further distinguished her from the rest. She is dedicated to your success and will work tirelessly to assist you in establishing, accomplishing, and exceeding your objectives.

Learn more about Judy at:


 “There is a lot of churn in this business. Due diligence is the best anecdote for ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. ”  -Michael LaFido


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Asking the right questions:
Whether you’re an agent, team leader, or broker, it is wise to invest heavily in developing your capability in asking the “right” questions. It will serve as a foundation and tool to everything that points to what you need to achieve your endeavors.

- The best tip for retaining the right talent:
When your agent’s success is tied to your tools, products, and services, you are less likely to lose them.

- Building strong relationships:
The stronger your relationship with an agent or seller before meeting with them, the better. Better because they trusted you or through educating them, you are already halfway to success when you walk through the door. And if they believe you can do the job, it’s just a matter of meeting whatever their needs are.


Guest Bio:
Judy LaDeur has been a successful Real Estate Agent, coach, business owner, and entrepreneur. She's worked with thousands of brokers and recruiters throughout the world, helping them dramatically increase their market position, as well as their team of agents. 

She has also been a keynote speaker at many state and national conferences. Judy has often appeared on TV, radio, and in various publications as an expert in recruiting real estate agents. 

The 3 P‘s of Selling Real Estate

As a luxury specialist, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to successfully sell a difficult or unique property for top dollar in the shortest amount of time. To achieve that for your clients, it's been my experience that you need to adhere to the three p’s: positioning, process, and price. Today I’ll talk about how each of these is critical to successfully selling these types of homes. 

The Journey: How I Attracted a $12.9 Million Listing and How I Put It Under Contract After 6 Years

On today’s show, I’m going to talk about the journey of a recent significant $7,500,000 home that I put under contract. This home was famous for being the backdrop for FOX's hit series "Empire" for 6 seasons, it was Lucious Lyon’s home (aka The Lyon’s Den) on the tv show.

This journey started in 2013 when the home first went on the market for just under 16 million. After 8 years on the market - 6 with me - it came under contact within a few weeks of me producing this recording.

There's an old adage in real estate: You want to be the firstborn, the second wife, and the third listing agent.” Any truth? Well, in this case, I was the third agent for this amazing home.

I want to share with you how I landed the listing, and how I was able to retain this listing and client for 6 years, to how we put it under contract. I also have some great, behind-the-scenes stories from when the house was on the market that you’ll get a kick out of.

Make sure you check out the "Lifestyle" video I created for this home HERE

When it comes to social media, you never know when somebody knows somebody. Just because they’re not liking or commenting on your post doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention.” - Michael LaFido

                                      Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

- Grow and stay engaged in your social media network:
Why would you want to enlarge your Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram social circle? You just don't know where your client or prospect might come from. It might be a friend of a friend that you went to high school with or someone you sat next to at a seminar a year ago.

- Communication is the path to retention:
Honest, open, ongoing communication is key to getting and retaining a client. You’re always putting their best interest first and understanding their personality.

- Be consistent with selling:
A home will get sold if you’re consistent. When marketing, leave no stone unturned. Do a little bit of everything, but be systematized in the way you do it. None of it will work all the time, but all of it works the majority of the time.

How to Use Other People’s Properties to Expand Your Luxury Business

It can be hard to break into the luxury market if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, today I’ll be talking about one of the easiest ways that agents can start positioning themselves as go-to luxury experts. The idea is to use other people’s properties to build your business. You’re essentially helping other agents with things like open houses and online marketing, which helps your business gain recognition and grow. Listen to learn more.

Learn More:

Event-Based Marketing At Your Luxury Listing

When selling luxury real estate, the biggest challenge is that luxury home buyers rarely have a sense of urgency. Even if they feel the need to upgrade to something bigger or better, they’re often too busy to actively pursue buying a new home. Because of this, it can be challenging to get their attention and even more challenging to get them to come see what you’re selling.

It’s a given that when you’re selling a high-end or unique property, you want to get high-quality traffic. So you need to ask yourself, “What can you do that's different from the competition?”

One effective way to market a home is through event-based marketing. And I’m not talking about having an open house where you having appetizers and giving away prizes.

The overall idea of event-based marketing is that the event is both something with true value - independent of the house or agent... and that it’s fun. In markets where getting rival brokers in to preview a luxury home for their clients is key, these events can provide a true enticement.

That’s why I’m so stoked to have Ali Wise as my guest. She recently had one of these unique high-end events at a property she's marketing for just under 14 million dollars. Tune in to hear what positioned Ali for this exclusive opportunity.

Here’s a link to the property. It’s amazing!

To get in touch with Ali, go to

"If you can learn one thing that you can implement or articulate differently from your competition, it gives you a leg up when you're on a listing appointment." -Michael LaFido

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


- Fronting Funds to Market A Luxury Home:
When you have a luxury home where you know it will need outside-the-box marketing and a large marketing budget. You can try asking the seller to front you the money to market it with the agreement that you'll deduct the amount invested when the home sells.

- The Power of Personalization:
Personalized video messages are a simple, yet effective way to nurture your leads. It’s a natural human tendency to react and pay more attention when their name is mentioned and personalized videos take advantage of this tendency of consumers. Your conversion rate will skyrocket.

- The Power of Leverage:
When selling a high-end home, be sure to leverage your network. Not just friends and family. For instance, if you have an attorney that you do all your closings with or if you have a lender that you partner with, let them know about your listing. You’ll be surprised at how many of them will pass the word on. You never know what’s going to go viral. 


Guest Bio:
With 15+ years of Global Corporate, Commercial, and Residential Real Estate execution, Ali is a highly motivated and results-oriented business professional in the real estate industry. Her career highlights expertise in the life cycle of residential real estate, Global CRE, portfolio strategy, planning and management, site selection and transaction management, project and construction management, financial and scenario analysis as well as complex lease administration. 

Ali personally invests in influencing and developing people, both buyers, and sellers, as well as industry partners such as title and escrow partners, mortgage lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, and contractors.

Specialties: First-time Home Buyers, HOWNW Certified Specialist, AWREP Certified Specialist, Listing Agent, Buyer's Agent, Relocation Specialist, prompt and courteous communication and always keeping the interest of her clients at the top. Confidentiality & Loyalty are of the utmost importance to Ali in assisting her clients through every transaction.



We’re Doing Live Events Once Again!

We’ve finally had the opportunity to host live events once again, and our most recent gatherings have been absolutely fantastic! We flew in 70 top-producing agents from throughout the country to AXR Winery at Napa, where we conducted a training seminar and viewed some multi-million dollar properties. We received some excellent feedback from those who attended, and we’re excited to do more throughout 2021 and beyond. To learn more about our recent events and how attending one can benefit your business, listen to this podcast. Learn More: https://www.luxurylistingspecialist.c...

What You Need to Know About the Divorce Niche in Real Estate w/Laurel Starks

Divorce is an incredibly emotional experience, but the reality of our society is that it exists. In most cases, the house is often the largest asset and will end up being sold. 

As real estate professionals, we can be on hand to help, but we have to approach it the right way. Divorce sales come with a ton of nuances, and as agents, we need to be aware of them before diving in.

So what’s the best way to handle real estate during a divorce?

In this episode, I interview Laurel Starks, real estate agent and family law expert who is the founder of The Ilumni Institute. Her company trains real estate agents on how to work with divorce attorneys and how to build a divorce real estate business. 

Laurel discusses her work as a court-appointed real estate expert and shares several helpful tips for divorce case listings.


To reach Laurel, you may email her at




“Divorce is an atom bomb on a financial situation...even in high-end luxury.

They get a divorce and it can sink their finances quickly.” -Laurel Starks


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Stay neutral:
    It’s okay to be empathetic towards divorcing clients, but NEVER take sides. Neutrality is the key to a smooth transaction. By having a sense of detachment, you can build trust with both parties and make the experience easier for everyone involved.

  • Do your research:
    As soon as you’re done with the initial conversation that the client’s getting a divorce, you need to do your research and background. For example, If there’s a court order, be sure to get a copy of it. Check the title. The time to find out about an IRS lien is not in escrow, it’s from day one.

  • Why training is vital:
    Family law is filled with experts, from attorneys to psychologists, and it should extend to real estate professionals. Take the time to get educated, and join training programs like The Ilumni Institute. 

Guest Bio:
Laurel Starks is a recognized court-appointed expert and trained neutral party in family law cases involving real estate matters. Her focus on divorce-related real estate has led to over $200 million in sales volume throughout Southern California and she is often regarded by her peers as the pioneer of the divorce real estate niche.

She is a national speaker on topics on real estate in family law. Attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals have come to rely on Laurel’s knowledge, judgment, integrity, as well as her ability to explain complex real estate matters to those affected by them. Laurel is the author of The House Matters in Divorce and Divorcing The House, and she has been recognized by Inman News as both an Inman Innovator and an Inman Influencer. 

Sell Fast with Event-Based Marketing

When we’re talking about the $1 million and above price point properties in the Chicagoland market, you have to remember that this area is a buyer’s market.

At these high price points, your agent needs to be aggressive and be able to think outside the box. This is where the power of event-based marketing comes into play.

Using event-based marketing can be an amazing way to showcase a property and expose it to even more potential buyers. To hear more about event-based marketing and our recent showcase, listen to our podcast. 

150 Episodes Strong: A Look Back At My Favorite Episodes & Takeaways

This week brings a major milestone for the Luxury Listing Specialist - we’ve published 150 episodes. Can you believe it? Thank you, everyone, for tuning in and sharing with your friends!

It was a year ago when we launched our 100th episode. And what a year it’s been. The pandemic brought about many changes in housing and lifestyle needs. The luxury real estate market is still hot. The average home sale price has gone up across the country. Even houses that languished on the market for months are selling.

So to mark the occasion, rather than looking back at all 150 episodes, I’m just going to focus on episodes 101 to 150. My favorite episodes, takeaways, and how-tos the industry experts have offered real estate agents over the past year.


In this industry, it’s easy to get dragged down...whether it’s from the competition, a difficult client, or just life in general. We need to continue to build each other up and build ourselves up.” -Michael Lafido


                                            Three Things You’ll Learn

- Environment begets mindset:
Environments shape mindsets. The people we interact with - at home, at work, and in other organizations influence mindsets. Approach difficult tasks first... “Eat the frog” - it’s an old military saying that means do the difficult stuff first. 

- The importance of getting involved:
If you are not part of any associations, I highly recommend getting involved with one. Not only from a networking standpoint, but also from a referral standpoint. 

- The importance of empathy:
Buying or selling a home is stressful. Moving is stressful. Be empathetic to your buyers and sellers. It will make your client’s experience better and will help you earn more referrals. 


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