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How to Break into the Luxury Market as a Millennial w/Sarah Knauer

Getting into luxury real estate is not an easy task, and younger agents often have more difficulty making a name for themselves in that market. How can millennial agents become more knowledgeable on luxury terminology? How can we spend more time around potential clients, and what can we do to attract luxury buyers? 

On this episode, sales partner at Amalfi Estates, Sarah Knauer (27 years old), who is a $30 million + producer, shares how millennials can build a stellar reputation in the luxury market. 

Grow your knowledge and your confidence will grow. Spend time with team leaders to learn luxury market terminology and trends. -Michael LaFido


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Attend open houses with established agents. This exposes us to terminology, makes us more knowledgeable, and lets us introduce ourselves to high net worth potential clients. 

  • Build relationships with people in the luxury market by joining networking groups and social clubs alongside high-income people. 

  • Look the part. To be taken seriously by clients, we have to ensure we represent ourselves professionally.

At the start of this episode, we discussed some of the problems younger agents may have in the luxury market. We explained that building and nurturing long-term relationships is the key to building an effective sphere of influence, and shared how to initiate contact with high net worth individuals. 

We also shared insights on:

  • How to leverage our own spheres of influence
  • How to overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Why charity events are an effective way to build relationships and give back

Guest Bio

Sarah Knauer is a sales partner at Amalfi Estates. Having grown up with residential and commercial real estate owners as parents, Sarah has a lifelong passion for home and design. She obtained her real estate license while in her senior year at Pepperdine University, and is currently working on obtaining her broker’s license. 

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Bonus Episode - Discussing the Elephant in the Room

When it comes to luxury listings, it’s important not to let frivolous details sink their potential. If a listing has an “elephant in the room,” you need to address it in one of two ways. We’ll discuss both of these approaches today. But first, you may be wondering: “How does this idiom relate to real estate?” 

How to Build Relationships that Position Your Brand as the Obvious Choice w/Jim Walberg

To establish ourselves as the obvious choice for business in our markets, we have to build and maintain great relationships with past, present and future clients. How can we build a brand that attracts and keeps attention for years to come? What can we do to build relationships that transcend business, and how can we find clients to build those relationships with?

On this episode, industry veteran and founding partner of The Bay Area Team, Jim Walberg, shares how to build relationships that stand out to the market and make us the only ones people want to work with. 

We should aim to be the first thing clients think of when they hear the words ‘real estate’.
-Jim Walberg


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • To be the obvious choice, we have to become synonymous with luxury real estate. We can do this by staying in contact with our databases, long after a transaction.

  • Be personable. When dropping off a gift or an invitation to a client event, call ahead of time to make sure the client will be home. Seeing them in person deepens relationships. 

  • We should be doing the things we’re passionate about. This way, we’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals, who will be interested in building relationships with us. 


On this episode, we discussed how serving the community can help us grow our brands. We also shared why it’s important to be authentic about our passions, and spoke about the need to connect with potential clients on a personal level. 

We also shared insights on:

  • How to introduce ourselves without coming across as a sales pitch
  • The importance of humility
  • Why consistency is the key to building long-lasting relationships

Guest Bio

Jim Walberg is a real estate industry veteran and a founding partner of The Bay Area 

Team in San Francisco. In addition to being in the Top 1% of Realtors across the country and the recipient of countless awards, Jim is a dedicated community volunteer, celebrated for his humility. Jim is also a blogger, philanthropist and worldwide speaker. 


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How to Build Lucrative Cross-Market Referral Partnerships w/Tiffany McQuaid

How can we help clients relocate across states, or even abroad? Most agents tend to focus on their local spheres of influence, but as consumers become more mobile, we have to expand our brands into additional markets. Can we stay involved with clients as they move out of our markets? How can we attract referral partners for luxury consumers relocating to our own markets? On this episode, president of McQuaid & Company, Tiffany McQuaid, shares how to develop lucrative referral partnerships. 


As an industry, we get so focused on our spheres. Local clients should always be a priority, but keep in mind that people are becoming more mobile. -Tiffany McQuaid


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Build relationships with luxury specialists in other markets. Networking with other agents is vital and knowing the person we refer clients to adds an extra layer of trust.

  • When referring clients to partners in other markets, travel with them to meet their new agent. This allows us to maintain relationships, while giving clients a more seamless transition. 

  • Our partners want their clients in the best hands, so we have to offer referral clients additional assistance that helps make their relocation easier.

At the start of this episode, we explained that we have to be prepared in the event that our clients decide to relocate to new markets. We shared which networking events help us build relationships with agents in other markets, and spoke about how to build a stellar reputation that draws in referral partners and clients alike.

We also shared insights on:

  • The importance of specialization
  • How to elevate our services
  • Why high-class photographs and brochures are non-negotiable


Guest Bio

Tiffany McQuaid is the President at McQuaid & Company, a brokerage in Naples, Florida. Born and raised in Ohio, Tiffany has a background in marketing and promotions, and uses her experience to bring a unique approach to selling homes. Tiffany is globally recognized as a top producer in the real estate industry, and is passionate about maintaining her ‘boutique-style’ real estate firm, which prioritizes individual clients and their needs. 


To contact Tiffany, call her on 2392876308

Find out more about McQuaid & Company at

How to Offer Fresh Online Content Without Breaking the Bank w/Italina Kirknis


In today’s world, social media has become a crucial component for success in the real estate industry; we have to take posting content seriously. How can we gain a following without spending too much time and money on creating perfectly lit and edited videos? What content should be in our videos, and why should we be thinking about repurposing everything?

On this episode, online presence expert and speaker, Italina Kirknis, shares how to offer fresh content that elevates our brands. 


 In your day-in-the-life videos, be sure to share advice as you’re walking from property to property. -Italina Kirknis


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Stop obsessing over creating the ‘perfect’ video with professional lighting, audio and editing. Less polished videos are growing in popularity.

  • When sharing a video, always offer advice. We can position ourselves as experts by giving professional insights while going about our daily routines. 

  • Repurposing content is vital. Once we have a video, transcribe it and put it into a brochure. We already have the content - make the most of it!

At the start of the episode, Italina shared why it’s so important for us to know what we’re promoting before sharing any content. She explained that having an in-depth understanding of the brand lets us customize our content and see better results.

We also shared insights on:

  • Fresh, exciting ways to share testimonials
  • When it’s a good idea to spend more time and money on videos
  • The social media platforms we should be focusing on


Social media is vital for success in real estate, so we need to be conscious of what we’re sharing with our followers. Luckily, online trends have shown that less polished (and less expensive) videos are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of spending a lot of money on a stiff, scripted video, we need to let our authenticity shine through. As long as we offer viewers something of value, we’ll be positioning ourselves as experts in our markets. Once we capture the content we want to share, don’t stop at one platform or format. Repurpose everything, and make the most of it. 


Italina Kirknis is a speaker, contributor and online presence expert. She is passionate about helping brands find their feet in the online space, and aims to inspire others to create exceptional lives for themselves. Italina enjoys teaching people how to leverage Linkedin to boost their success and strongly believes in creating customized content for all her clients.


To find out more about Italina, head to:



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How to Attract More Opportunities by Leveraging Your Inventory w/Andrew Bloom

To build a name for ourselves in the luxury market, we need to do the work to attract great results, and that starts with the listings we have. How can we leverage our inventory to ensure potential clients know who we are? What happens if we don’t have any inventory of our own yet? How can offering a more hands-on experience at our open houses boost our chances of success?

On this episode, CEO and senior partner of BVO Luxury Group of Keller Williams Realty, Andrew Bloom, shares how we can make the most of our inventory and open houses. 


If you don’t have your own inventory, offer a free inventory update to your market. You can leverage listings other than your own. - Andrew Bloom


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • We should be showing the listings we’ve closed. By sharing the houses we’ve sold, we are giving proof of our great results.

  • If we don’t have inventory of our own, we can provide our client base with a record of other houses sold in the market. Doing so showcases our knowledge of market trends.

  • Offer visitors at open houses an opportunity to get involved by allowing them to give feedback.

At the start of the episode, we spoke about why it’s important to provide our clients with social proof. We then discussed how and when to market an open house to ensure we get the best results possible.

We also shared insights on:

  • How to attract more business into our lives
  • How to bring more awareness to our listings
  • Why open houses are still vital


To offer our clients unique value, we need to go above and beyond in both the service we offer them, as well as in our marketing. Use inventory to boost business and to bring attention to our listings. These don’t need to be our own listings; we can use other agents’ inventory, as long as we disclose that we did not sell them. By showing our results and our knowledgeability, we can promote ourselves as industry experts. Then, it’s up to us to offer unique open house experiences. The luxury market requires us to exceed all expectations, so playing safe is never an option. 


Andrew Bloom is the CEO and senior partner at BVO Luxury Group. He has sold over $1.5 billion in residential real estate, and runs the top real estate team in Arizona. His tremendous success led to him being awarded the ‘Circle of Legends’ award, a feat accomplished by less than 1% of Realtors across the globe. Andrew has a vast network in the community, which has contributed to his team’s positioning as the go-to team for CEOs, professional athletes and physicians.


To find out more about Andrew, head to 

You can also call him directly on 602 9891 287

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How to Overcome Setbacks w/Jon Cheplak


As business leaders, we tend to think of setbacks as private issues that need to be separate from our work lives. Is it possible to stop personal setbacks and challenges from affecting our teams’ productivity? Do we need to add more systems to our businesses in order to combat individual fears?

On this episode, sought-after Real Estate speaker and coach, Jon Cheplak shares how we can overcome setbacks and turn them into positives.


Doubling down on your personal development is the solution to business growth. -Jon Cheplak


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Remember that human beings are flawed by nature, and we all experience setbacks. No matter how skilled we are in the science of business, every one of our team members has experiences that shape their daily lives. 

  • Stop adding layers of systems to our businesses. Instead, we need to dive deeper into our emotions to develop ourselves and our team members.

  • We need to embrace our past experiences. Without embracing our past, we can’t move forward.

At the start of the episode, we acknowledged that all people go through traumas in life. We talked about the way we deal with our past traumas and how it shapes our future behaviors and actions. To be successful and enable our teams to be successful, we need to embrace every part of ourselves, even the parts impacted by trauma.


We also shared insights on:

  • How emotions can be a choice
  • The importance of overcoming fear
  • Why gratitude is not a feeling, but an action


We’ve often been told our business and personal lives need to be separate, but that belief is unrealistic. Our personal lives influence the way we see the world, and no amount of effective business systems can combat the effects of traumas we’ve faced throughout our lives. We need to start looking deeper into ourselves, rather than add layers of systems that will only suffocate us further.


Jon Cheplak is the CEO of The Real Recruiter and a real estate broker/agent speaker, coach and consultant at Cheplak Live. He is widely respected as one of the most sought after real estate leadership and productivity coaches on the planet, and is passionate about helping people boost their productivity.

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How To Safeguard Yourself From Unqualified Buyers w/Andrew Rosenblatt and Anna Sheehan


When dealing with luxury properties, it’s important to trust the people we do business with. How can we ensure potential clients are qualified, and won’t waste our time? What tools can we use to assist in the authentication process?

On this episode, WealthEngine Senior Client Engagement Manager, Andrew Rosenblatt and Senior Client Engagement Manager, Anna Sheehan, explain how their tool can be used to identify serious buyers.

For security purposes, you have to make sure you know who you’re opening the door to on big, luxury properties. -Michael LaFido


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • When an unrepresented buyer provides a bank letter or a pre-approval for a mortgage, follow up with the institution to ensure its authenticity.

  • Use tools like WealthEngine to verify potential buyers. Tools like this give an in-depth report on interested parties and help agents identify serious clients. 

  • Take advantage of tools that identify political affiliations or special interests, so you can tailor showings to the buyers preferences and increase your chances of success.

At the start of the episode, we spoke about the importance of verifying buyers when dealing with luxury properties. After explaining how tools like WealthEngine can assist agents with qualifying buyers, we discussed why reading reports on buyers and demographics is so vital.

We also shared insights on:

  • The top 10 states for millionaires
  • Characteristics of millionaires in the US
  • Why lifestyle attributes should be taken into account by agents


In the luxury real estate industry, it’s vital that we know and trust who we’re opening doors to. Not only does it save us from wasting valuable time, but it can also protect us. Luckily, there are tools specifically designed to make the verification process easier for agents. Take advantage of the platforms that compile relevant data, and read up on reports for the luxury market. Education is crucial to success, and by expanding our knowledge as much as possible, we can boost our self-confidence.



Andrew Rosenblatt is the National Inside Sales Manager at WealthEngine, a platform dedicated to wealth screening and research. To contact Andrew directly, email him on You can also find him on Linkedin at

Anna Sheehan is the Senior Client Engagement Manager at WealthEngine. She has rich experience in research, and brings her expertise to clients in every interaction. To connect with Anna on Linkedin, head to

To find out more about WealthEngine, and to take advantage of their resources and reports, visit

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How One Agent Landed a $4 Million Dollar Listing Using Instagram w/Jason Cassity

Social media is a great platform for marketing and engagement. Is there any ‘right’ way to share content, and should we be tailoring that content specifically to each platform? What opportunities does the Stories feature on Instagram offer agents?

On this episode, owner of the Cassity Team, Jason Cassity shares how to use Instagram Stories for outstanding results.


Take advantage of Instagram Story advertisements now. They are cheaper than other platforms because there’s less competition in the feature at the moment. -Michael LaFido


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Don’t post for the sake of posting. We should aim to share engaging content that offers a personal look into our businesses. Quality over quantity is key.

  • Each social media network has its own language, so avoid sharing the same content across the board. Embrace Instagram Stories’ more relaxed atmosphere to engage with the audience.

  • Take advantage of Instagram Stories’ cheaper advertising rates now. Stories are a relatively untapped advertising space at the moment, so they’re a great place for us to market our brands without breaking the bank.

At the start of the episode, Jason Cassity explained that before we can start taking advantage of Instagram Stories, we need to have a foundation- that is, an Instagram account we post to regularly, with a well thought out bio. He then shared how to target specific areas with our advertisements.

We also shared insights on:

  • How to repurpose content effectively
  • How to attract bigger audiences
  • Why effective content relies more on art than science

In today’s world, a social media marketing strategy is non-negotiable if we want to build successful businesses. To ace the social media game, we need to be sharing engaging content and focusing on quality over quantity. Embrace each platform for its uniqueness and take advantage of the more untapped advertising options now, while they’re still easy to access.



Jason Cassity is the owner of the Cassity Team, based in San Diego. In 2017, he was named one of the “19+ Agents to Watch on Social Media” by the Inman Real Estate Blog. He’s also made appearances on San Diego’s “Favorite” list of Real Estate Agents in the San Diego Union Tribune and received a “Top Agent” Magazine Nomination. 

To find out more about Jason, find him on Instagram: @jason_cassity 

You can also call him directly on 619 800 6178 

To find out more about the Cassity Team, visit 

How To Thrive When Commissions Drop by 40% in 7 Years w/Kevin Foreman

According to Real Trends, the national average listing commission is 5.08%. In this episode, hear why Kevin Foreman believes the average listing commission will drop 40% down to 3.64% over the next 7 years.

On this episode, Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Division at INRIX, Kevin Foreman shares his view on the future of the real estate industry.


Don’t worry so much about commissions going down: the volume will go up. -Kevin Foreman


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Keep overhead costs down. There’s no need to pay for fancy offices- have your employees work from home.

  • Stop worrying about commissions. While commissions may be dropping, lower prices attract more customers. We may make less commission per sale, but we’re bound to make more sales.

  • Pay more attention to clients than the properties you’re selling. This helps build relationships long-term, and will serve you in the long run.


At the start of this episode, we discussed the ‘Tinder’-type option afforded to home buyers. Essentially, buyers are now able to select homes, unassisted by an agent. After talking about what this means for agents, we spoke about the benefits of operating in the luxury and high-end markets.


We also shared insights on:

  • Focusing on your client- your services should be all about them
  • Why you should act as a consultant
  • How to stay in touch with past clients


The changes we’re seeing in the real estate industry can be alarming, but it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Commissions may be dropping, but there is a higher number of clients because of it. In the meantime, protect your business by keeping your overhead costs low and maintaining good relations with your clients. 



 Kevin Foreman is the Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Division at INRIX. With 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business development, Kevin is widely respected for his expertise. He is a specialist in social networking, social media, web 2.0 and community building.


To find out more about Kevin, find him on Linkedin at


You can also find him on Facebook at 


To find out more about INRIX, head to 


And search ‘INRIX’ on YouTube