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Best Practices for Agents in the Luxury Market w/Anthony Hitt

In a space where we are constantly surrounded by noise and options, agents need to be able to cut through that noise by providing high value service to clients. It is especially important to be able to do this in the luxury market. How can we continue to deliver a luxury experience? Where is the luxury market sitting today? What best practices should agents be using?

In this episode, CEO of Engel & Volkers, Anthony Hitt, explains some of the best practices that top luxury listing agents are using to further their success in the climate of today’s industry.



We’re providing a much higher level of service than we have probably ever provided as an industry, and we’re continuing to go in that direction. -Anthony Hitt


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Clients who want a luxury experience sit at every price point, and we need to deliver that experience to make successful transactions.

  • In an age where we’re constantly being inundated with the noise that elements like technology bring, we have to provide a higher and higher level of service. If we don’t, we won’t be amongst those who survive and thrive in our industry.

  • In order to articulate your value proposition properly, you need to be using four best practices. These are attracting the best talent, constantly learning and training, collaborating with your network of fellow agents, and taking action on the data you have.


We also shared insights on:

  • Delivering a luxury experience at every price point
  • Why high-level service is vital today
  • What we need to articulate our value proposition


Agents in the luxury market have to continuously provide a higher level of service for their discerning clientele. Today, discerning clientele stretch across all price points, and we need to be able to deliver a luxury experience across the board. By attracting the best talent, consistently learning and training, collaborating with our network of fellow agents, and taking action on the data we have to drive successful sales, we can set ourselves up for success in our industry and really add value.


Guest bio

Anthony Hitt is the CEO of Engel & Volkers Americas since January 2014. Engel & Volkers is known as the leading destination for highly selective real estate service with unique, international accessibility and looks to Anthony’s leadership for its continued growth and success. The company now has almost 150 shops and close to 3000 real estate advisors spanning the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a top-producing agent for many years, Anthony was continually acknowledged for his business acumen and commitment to customer satisfaction by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. Drawing from his experience – and from his success managing his own record-setting team of twelve real estate professionals under the Anthony Hitt banner – Anthony established a training course for other agents to raise the bar for superior performance in the industry. Anthony credits his business and real estate success to his philosophy of providing exceptionally personal customer service and constantly implementing the most up-to-date systems for efficiency and comprehensive service. He has authored several books to share his advice for success in business and in life with others, including "Essentials of Personal Achievement", "Taking Charge", and "Positive Impressions."

How to Brand Yourself Effectively in the Luxury Market w/Jay Macklin

Success in real estate relies on marketing, so it’s important that agents have effective strategies. What are some ways to market yourself and see great results? Can you do it without being attached to a well-known brand? On this episode, I talk with Jay Macklin, owner of Platinum Living Realty, to hear how he’s branded himself and what it’s done for his business.



It’s not about the agent. It’s about what’s in it for the consumer. -Jay Macklin


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Spend less time worrying about the brand you’re attached to and focus on your client’s experience with you, personally.

  • Articulate your unique and compelling value to your consumer. If you’re going above and beyond, ensure your customer knows that.

  • If you’re new to luxury real estate, immerse yourself in the market by going on broker’s tours and open houses.


At the start of the episode, Jay shared on his background and gave a brief overview of his timeline in the real estate industry. He then spoke about how agents should go about their marketing and branding. Jay mentioned that you don’t need to be attached to a powerful brand— just focus on letting clients know you’re the agent they should approach.


We also shared insights on:

  • Why your focus should be all about your client
  • How to target your marketing for effective results
  • Why you need a definitive call-to-action for your marketing


To make a name for yourself in luxury real estate, you need to be prepared for the market. Become comfortable with the properties you’ll be selling, and understand the market fully before you commit to a career in the industry. Once you’ve established your understanding, make sure you’re prepared for the clients. Do your research and make sure you’re marketing to your target audience.


Guest Bio

Jay Macklin first entered the world of real estate in 2006. In the time since then, Jay founded Desert Platinum Properties, alongside his wife. This has subsequently been converted to Platinum Living Realty. Today, Platinum Living Realty has 4 offices and 150 agents. Jay is passionate about educating agents and helping them achieve great results, and is one of the 2 Phoenix are certified coaches for the Craig Proctor coaching program.


To find out more about Jay, head to

You can also email him on

Launching a Luxury Program and Crushing It in Real Estate w/Anthony Lamacchia

The luxury “bracket” of real estate can be a difficult space to get into, but is very lucrative. How do we set ourselves up to get into luxury real estate? What do we need to do differently when dealing with a luxury listing? In this episode, Anthony Lamacchia shares on launching a luxury program and outlines his free content platform for agents, ‘Crush It in Real Estate’.


To get into the luxury portfolio, you have to qualify. It’s not pay-to-play. -Anthony Lamacchia


Takeaways + Tactics

  • In the luxury space, we have to take every aspect to the next level. When we improve everything from our pictures to our floor plans, we give our agents something better to offer when they run luxury listings.

  • When dealing with sellers, three of these four P’s need to be met. The price needs to be realistic, the person needs to be nice to work with, the property needs to be unique, and the positioning of the property must be right for the market.

  • If you have never dealt with a luxury listing before, you have to be more flexible as an agent. You’ll have to take on an overpriced property or a difficult client in order to build your book up to the point where you can turn down listings.


On this episode we discuss launching a luxury program in 2019. Anthony Lamacchia explains how and why he decided to start the program, and the growth and impact his free content platform for agents ‘Crush It in Real Estate’ has had.

We also shared insights on:

  • How dealing with luxury listings differs from the other brackets
  • What four things need to be considered when dealing with sellers
  • How to get started as an agent in the luxury space


As agents, we can increase our average sale price by having more homes from the luxury bracket on our roster. However, it is an area that we need specific tools to succeed in, and certain qualifications need to be met in order to get into luxury. Every aspect of the listing and marketing process needs to be next-level, and we have to look at the price, seller, property and positioning in more detail. Initiatives like luxury programs and accessible agent-specific content will help us get to the level we need in order to succeed in luxury.


Guest Bio

Anthony Lamacchia is the Broker/Owner and CEO of Lamacchia Realty, Lamacchia Property Management, Lamacchia Development, and REAL Training and Systems Inc. He spends his time running the companies, training agents and his national coaching customers, and strategically planning for the future. Anthony is considered an industry expert, having done hundreds of television appearances on local news and many speaking engagements at national industry conferences.  He is completely obsessed and passionate about providing all the agents and employees in the company with top-notch technology, the best possible tools, and the absolute very best training to excel in their careers and grow their businesses.

How to Innovate in Your Real Estate Business from the Inside Out w/Dan Duffy


Those of us in real estate must use adapt and evolve in our use of technology in order to remain relevant and serve our clients. How can we best cater to the needs of high-profile clients? In what ways can we leverage technology to help us? How can we innovate our practices to meet the needs of our business? In this episode, CEO of United Real Estate Holdings LLC, Dan Duffy, shares how he uses a combination of technology and internal evaluation to lead a successful real estate corporation.


The winning solution is when you innovate from the inside as opposed to coming from the outside. –Dan Duffy


Takeaways + Tactics

  • We need to determine who our buyer is and create our sale around that persona. It is impossible to market a property that ticks the boxes for everyone, cater to those who would be most likely to be attracted to it.

  • We must make clients aware of all their options from the get-go. This can help build trust and show that we’re working with their best interest in mind.  

  • Auctioning services can be valuable to both clients and agents. Clients can bring their asset to the market at a certain time, clear it, and convert it into cash. Also, agents can significantly impact their transaction value.


On this episode, we discuss some of the businesses that operate under the United Real Estate Group. Dan Duffy explains how and why these sections of the company came to be, and how they have positively impacted the success of the business.

We also shared insights on:

  • The shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market
  • How strategy is moving towards technology in real estate
  • How to manage high profile clients


Our role in real estate is to understand and cater to the needs of our clients. This can be achieved in numerous ways, most importantly by being transparent about options with clients, utilizing tools like technology to our advantage, and being aware of our buyer’s persona so that we can effectively make targeted sales. When we develop from the inside while considering the current market and climate, we become geared for success in our industry.


Guest bio

Dan Duffy is the CEO of United Real Estate Holdings LLC (Group), a real estate services and franchise holding company operating multiple businesses under its "United" trade name. Dan spent nearly 20 years focused on serving clients in a number of senior executive positions. Most recently he served as the President and CEO of a two-time Microsoft Global Partner of the Year and Largest Global Microsoft Business Solutions Partner, with over 25 offices on three continents serving 12,000 clients in 48 countries. Learn more about United Real Estate at

Setting Yourself Apart With Collateral Marketing w/Thad Wong


As a luxury real estate agent, how can you set yourself apart from your competitors? What role does branding play? Other there other factors crucial to getting a sale? On this episode, I talk with Thad Wong of @properties. Thad has had tremendous success in the Chicago luxury market, and he’s here to share his advice.



One thing that can always be improved is collateral marketing for listings. -Thad Wong


Takeaways + Tactics

  • More agents should focus on collateral marketing. While it may not be what makes or breaks a sale, having good brochures makes a difference to potential buyers.

  • Showcase seller’s homes in a high-quality way, through a range of platforms. While advertising may not be the deciding factor, it certainly entices the buyer.

  • Make sure you’re showcasing every client’s home on all the same range of platforms. Doing this will distinguish your services from those of your competitors.


At the start of the episode, Thad Wong explained why @properties makes use of high-quality branding for their clients. He also weighed-in on some of the real estate myths surrounding the Chicago market.


We also shared insights on:

  • The importance for agents to have strong emotional intelligence regarding their clients’ needs
  • The need for positive relationships between your clients and the appropriate people in the industry to whom you have access
  • Why technological tools are absolutely crucial, particularly in the luxury market.

In a market renowned for its distinction, you must showcase your listings with the respect they deserve. However, you also need to work with contemporary technologies. Buyers and sellers are no longer interested in piles of paperwork. Nor are they happy to view collateral merely from a flimsy flier. Make sure you showcase properties on a range of platforms, and focus on providing an exceptional service.



After establishing himself as one of the top agents in Chicago in the mid-1990s, Thad Wong co-founded @properties in 2000, a luxury brokerage in the city. Under his and his co-founder’s leadership, @properties has grown to around $9 billion in annual sales, and employs approximately 2800 agents. Today, @properties is the top brokerage in Chicago.

To find out more about Thad and @properties, head to:

How to Effectively Leverage a Team w/Jeff Cohn

Many people who become business owners believe they need to personally work harder in order to achieve more in their business. Is putting in more of your time and effort really what your business needs? Is that even sustainable? On this episode, I talk with Jeff Cohn, founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group and host of the Team Building podcast, to share his thoughts on leveraging teams and how he’s done it so successfully.



If you can leverage the things you don’t love, let someone else do it. -Jeff Cohn


Takeaways + Tactics

  • If you want to build a business, you need to create a team and framework that will be able to withstand your exit.

  • Hire a team of people who enjoy doing the things you don’t. This way, no one is wasting their time doing things they don’t want to do.

  • Avoid using your name in your business. Using your name as branding makes it harder to step away, as people will know your name and want to work with you specifically.


At the start of the episode, Jeff emphasized his passion for teaching real estate agents how to move away from being cogs in the machinery to business owners. He also outlined the importance of creating teams with the intention of stepping away from your business.


We also shared insights on:

  • Why you need to know what you’re doing before you hire a team
  • Who your first hires should be
  • The hardest and most important hire on your team- the buyers assistant

The people you hire for your team are important, and they’ll play a huge role in your business going forward. However, don’t feel overwhelmed by this. The only way you’ll be able to scale your business and ultimately move away from it is by hiring other people and leveraging their talents. Focus on creating a legacy rather than a job you’ll be stuck in for years to come.


Guest Bio-

Jeff Cohn is the founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, as well as the host of the Team Building podcast. Under his leadership, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group has become the top team in the Berkshire Hathaway Group, worldwide. Jeff is adamant that this is because of his dynamic team, and he is passionate about teaching people that they can become business owners, rather than cogs in the machine. Jeff is also extremely enthusiastic about sharing his tricks and suggestions with everyone interested. Totally opposed to a scarcity mentality, Jeff believes that everyone is capable of greatness if they work smarter.


To learn more about Jeff, head to:

To get tickets for the Berkshire Hathaway Group Shareholder Meeting, visit:

Using Social Media to Boost Your Business w/David Adam Kurz

The internet has given agents a wide array of tools for connecting with clients and building their business. How can you make the most of internet-based platforms? What are the specific applications that can put you ahead of your competitors? On this episode, I talk with David Adam Kurz, author, social media influencer, and owner of Kurz Real Estate. We discuss how 21st century technology can expand your network and your business.



The more people I get in front of, the bigger my network. -David Adam Kurz


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Agree to be a guest on podcasts and contribute to articles. Make sure you're visible.

  • Just start. You don't need expensive equipment to shoot a video. Basic, raw footage is often more popular with viewers.
  • Share as much content with your audience as possible. The more you share, the more people will trust you.


At the start of this episode, David shared his belief that being in the public eye is the best way to generate business. Even though he first became visible through traditional media platforms like radio, free tools like Facebook Live completely changed his approach and his results.


We also shared insights on:

  • The necessity of creating video content
  • Why you should embrace your position. Whether in a boutique agency or a franchise, there are merits and you should emphasize them
  • The importance of never bad-mouthing your competition


Social media has changed the game for everyone, including those in the real estate industry. Even if your competitors are not embracing technological changes, you need to. In fact, if your competitors aren't utilizing online-based tools or platforms, it's even more vital that you fill the void and start sharing content with your audience. Have an abundance mindset and never stop sharing. We have the tools at our disposal. Take advantage of them.


Guest Bio:

David Adam Kurz is the owner of Kurz Real Estate, Corp. Using multiple media platforms, David's business has seen phenomenal success as agents are not only constantly showcasing their knowledge of the industry with the audience, but can list properties to a wide database through these channels. David is also the successful author of The Blueprint: Strategies for Building a Successful Real Estate Business and Take Action: Building a Business with the Right Mindset and Foundation.

To find out more about David and Kurz Real Estate go to

How Learning Personality Types Can Save Time & Generate Business w/ Angel Tucker

When finding leads and trying to generate new business, time is of the utmost importance. How can we make the most of our limited time? Are there any solutions for those wanting to work smarter, not harder? On this episode, I talk with best-selling author, Angel Tucker, to answer these questions and more.



Understanding personality types is like a crystal ball that allows us to see what the client needs.- Angel Tucker


Takeaways + Tactics

  • By identifying a potential client’s mental state, you can gain their trust early on.

  • Pay attention to audio and visual clues to help ascertain someone’s personality type.

  • Understanding personality types will help you in business, but also in your personal life as well.


At the start of the show, Angel emphasized the importance of paying attention to personality types. She then took a more in-depth look at the four main personality types. Fitting into the DISC acronym, these types include Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive and Curious individuals.

We also shared insights on:

  • How each personality group experiences the same event differently.
  • Why tweaking your approach to suit people’s needs based on their personality types is necessary.
  • The importance of disclosing your personality type to others

Regardless of industry, one constant factor in business is the presence of human beings. Humans are a diverse species and it goes without saying that their psychological makeups differ. While this can certainly be overwhelming for the person who needs to find leads amongst the chaos, you can take advantage of it. Identify your clients’ needs and act accordingly- you’ll find better solutions for everyone you encounter and make the most of your time in the process.


Guest Bio
Angel is a speaker and the Best-Selling Author of the book Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On! The Power to Read People, Get What You Want, and Communicate Without Pain. Go to for more information.

Why Updated Appraisals Can Be Helpful When Selling A Luxury Home Versus Online Evaluations w/Mark Morgan

Sellers often think their home is worth much more than it really is worth.  How does an agent determine asking price on a unique or luxury home?  Are online evaluations more reliable than an updated appraisal?  Can the intricacies of home appraisals ever be replaced by algorithms? On this episode, I tackle these questions with Mark Morgan, a veteran real estate appraiser who specializes in luxury homes.  He outlines the important factors that should always be considered when evaluating properties.


I recommend getting a pre-appraisal before versus relying on an online evaluation. Algorithms are taken as accurate, but nothing could be farther from the truth. -Mark Morgan


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Most of the time, online evaluations quote less than 50% of the actual price of luxury properties.
  • Appraisals are an opinion of value, and evaluations should always factor into account the specific features of a property.
  • To determine value, appraisers need to consider scarcity, desirability, utility, and purchasing power.


Though online appraisal tools may offer an easy answer, the fact remains that sellers want to find the highest possible price for their properties. What better way to fetch high returns than through comprehensive evaluations? Professionally conducted appraisals continue to be the best way to identify property value. Quality resides not in algorithms, but in experience and specific analysis.

Why Adapting to Diverse Markets Brings Greater Success w/ Richard Silver

Our society is rapidly changing, and many real estate businesses are lagging behind. How can you take diversity into consideration when you hire and run your office or team? How are so many offices and teams failing to reflect the areas they live in? How can we build a successful, long-standing business that sets itself apart from competitors? In this episode, I talk with Richard Silver of Silver Burtnick & Associates for these key insights.


I wanted a team that looked like the people of our city. -Richard Silver  


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Change is essential and should be embraced.

  • Diversity of agents with regards to race, religion, age, culture and language only stands to benefit your business. This is particularly true in multicultural societies.

  • Use of new technologies is vital, from testing personalities to marketing homes.


At the start of the show, we talked about Richard’s journey and how he got started. We also talked about the importance of embracing change, and the power of diverse teams in the success of businesses. We talked about how luxury can sometimes be defined according to how many properties someone has. We also talked about why every chance to meet potential clients should be seized.

We also discussed:

  • The necessity of networking
  • Situational relevance and how it works


Multicultural societies, spurred on by globalization and rapidly evolving technologies, require change in the traditional approach to luxury. As markets become more diverse, agents need to consider the importance of representative teams. Further, as technological advancements show no signs of slowing, it is imperative they are used to the agent’s benefit. Change is inevitable, but that should not be cause for concern. Rather, it should be hailed as an opportunity for further-reaching success.


Guest Bio

Leading the Team at Sotheby's International Realty Canada, Richard is designated as an ABR, e-PRO and a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS). A past Director-at-Large for the Canadian Real Estate Association, and Past-President of the Toronto Real Estate Board.

A speaker and writer about the use of "Technology in Real Estate" as well as "The International Real Estate Market", he is founding Past-President of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, Toronto Chapter. Inman News named him one of the "Top 100 Most Influential people in Real Estate for 2013". Learn more here: