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Filling Your Listing Pipeline

You may be talking with some prospects who are interested in selling this summer or “later in the year”. What can you do right now for those sellers?

I have some advice for any agent looking to start off strong this summer of 2021. 

Working with Professional Athletes in Real Estate w/Jordan Stuart


On this week’s show, I spoke with Jordan Stuart, founder, and CEO of Next Move. He’s a seasoned agent who’s an expert in closing transactions with athletes. He’s recently branched out into helping people in the military find homes across the country. 

We talked about various topics from what not to do when working with a professional athlete, getting referrals and testimonials, smart strategies for delivering 5-star service, and the importance of having a clean car. 

You can contact Jordan at

"The biggest mistake an agent can make is not listening to their client.” -Jordan Stuart

Three Things You'll Learn

  • Buyers need a trusted advisor:
    When working with an athlete they’re counting on you to be the expert advisor. You need to able to understand and evaluate your client’s wants and needs so you can speak their language and provide them with a logical action plan. Be an active listener. How you communicate with them should not be any different than how you treat your regular clients.  

  • Celebrity endorsements and testimonials:
    First, make sure the deal is done, the home has closed. Get them a nice closing gift. Then humbly ask for a testimonial, and respect whatever the answer is. 
  • Focus on what you can do for the client:
    Remember, the minute you make a recommendation to a client (whether it’s a home inspector, contractor, etc.), you become responsible for that experience - positive or negative. Focus your job, and everything else will work itself out.

    Guest Bio:

    As the founder and CEO of Next Move, Jordan Stuart is consistently ranked as one of the top luxury realtors in the Washington D.C.-area.

    He’s recognized nationally as an influential real estate advisor to dozens of professional athletes, head and assistant coaches, and professional sports franchise owners. 

    Jordan is the exclusive real estate consultant to Major League Soccer’s D.C. United to oversee the housing needs of the Club players, personnel, and ownership along with touch-points to each of the other Washington, D.C.-area men’s and women’s pro sports franchises.

    Jordan has been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, Washingtonian,, and The Washington Business Journal.  

A New Designation for the Global Real Estate Community

I'm excited to announce there is a brand new Diversity Designation. I'm proud to say I'm one of the co-founders of this brand-new Diversity Designation called the ‘Certified Diversity Specialist’ (CDS). With the goal of helping agents increase their knowledge, providing the tools and resources to help them work with more buyers and sellers, and helping them differentiate themselves among a diverse population. To learn more about the designation, listen to this podcast. 

Learn more:

How Real Estate and Insurance Agents Help New Homeowners w/Jordan Phillips

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Usually, I have guests that are top luxury agents or team leaders. However, from time to time, I like to have various service providers that I think you would benefit from hearing from. 

Today is one of those podcasts. Today we’re talking about homeowner’s insurance. Sure, it may not be the most exciting topic, but it can add more value to a transaction.

Any type of introduction to a service provider you can offer to a client, it can be as small as a painter, electrician, a moving company, a loan officer, or title company will provide that white-glove experience to your client. You’ll look like a rock star and stand out from the competition. 

I’ve got Jordan Phillips with Goosehead Insurance with me today, who happens to be my personal insurance provider. He’s worked with a lot of high-end clients, including many professional athletes. With all homes, you want to make sure it's covered the right way.

To get in touch with Jordan, you can call him at 618-789-6400, or send an email,

"Insurance is one of those things you never know when you’re going to need it.”  -Michael LaFido

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Find out what’s important to your client and assess from there.

    A lot of times, your client’s got an insurance policy and has no idea what it entails. You might find that they’re under-insured, or they may have a policy that doesn’t fit their needs.

  • Don’t be afraid of being pushy.
    Many clients don't understand insurance or they don't know what they need, and it can really hurt them in the end. With this in mind, stop worrying about being pushy and focus on the added value you’re bringing to the table.

  • Does a name brand really matter?

    Whether it’s State Farm, Nationwide, AIG, etc… every insurance company will generally have the same base coverage. The big difference is in the price. However, it all comes back to the client and what’s important to them. 


    Guest Bio:

    Jordan Phillips is the owner/CEO of Goosehead Insurance Agency. His brokerage is a 100% lender and referral-focused brokerage that represents 30+ carriers which truly gives our clients something no one else can, choice. With an emphasis on quality, there is no one better when it comes to insurance for home closings. We specialize in getting our client's dream homes insured properly and fairly.

    Goosehead is currently disrupting the Insurance Industry with leading technology and a business model that works. Taking the best clients with the top companies in the insurance industry and bringing them together under one roof.



The Power of Second Chances

In this week’s message, I’d like to talk about the power of second chances.

In life, people often make mistakes and don’t get a second chance to correct them. Real estate is no different in this regard. For example, a seller may interview you but then choose to work with someone else.

So how do you stay top of mind with such a client in the event that it doesn’t work out with the other agent they chose? Listen to find out. 

Home Warranties Explained w/Harry Keifer

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Home warranties are a valuable investment. Whether you’re representing a buyer or seller, there are several benefits to including a home warranty. They’re a great way to differentiate yourself in a competitive market.

However, not all home warranties are created equal. There are a lot of different home warranty companies out there. So be sure to do your due diligence.

Today, I have the honor of being joined by Harry Keifer with Achosa Home Warranty. I highly recommend Achosa. We discuss what makes Achosa stand out from other home warranty companies, along with some little hidden secrets that consumers should look for when choosing a home warranty company. 

To find out more about Achosa, visit their website at


When it comes to home warranty companies, I believe quality, consistency, speed, and safety are what homeowners are looking for.”  -Harry Keifer


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The power to choose:
    With Achosa, customers are empowered to choose their own vendor, unlike traditional home warranty companies, which usually have limited pools of vendors in their networks.

  • Ask for feedback:
    Check in with your clients and ask them for feedback on how you’re doing. You need to create that “wow” experience for them to plant those seeds for referrals. So ask, ask, and ask. 
  • Both buyers and sellers benefit:
    A home warranty can provide a better and faster sale. If a buyer is on the fence about a home, it can give them a much-needed push by providing extra security and peace of mind. It also protects sellers against repairs and replacements that can hold up the transaction.

Guest Bio:

Harry Keifer is the Co-Founder at Achosa Home Warranty based in St. Louis, Missouri. Previously, Harry was the Head of Sales at Home Warranty of America and also held positions at Direct Energy and The Real Estate Book. 



Choosing A Home Warranty Company

This episode is all about home warranties. For example, if the A/C goes out, or your garage door opener stops working, or have a plumbing issue… if you have a home warranty, you could save thousands of dollars in repairs. One particular home warranty company that I recommend in Illinois is one I used for my home. They're called Achosa. In addition to Illinois, they’re located in 15 other states. I have one of the co-founders of Achosa Home Warranty, Harry Keifer, with me today. You’ll learn more about home warranties and how they are beneficial. Listen for more details.

To learn more about Achosa, visit their website at

Setting the Stage for Home Sale Success w/Barb Schwarz

I’m a big believer in home staging. It’s a widely used and respected strategy in the real estate industry. It’s recognized as a very effective technique in selling a home in less time at a higher price.

You already know that every property needs to be clean and in as good repair as possible. But what's equally important is the staging and how you communicate it to the seller. 

I'm so honored to have Barb Schwarz as my guest. Before getting into real estate, her background was in theater and this gave her a unique perspective as an agent. This lead her to creating the home staging industry. 

Prepare to be inspired by her vast expertise on the subject. You'll hear incredible tricks for the trade, her analogies, as well as some great "Barb sayings".

You can contact Barb on her website or send her a message on her Facebook page.

This podcast was originally recorded on Michael LaFido’s Luxury Lunch & Learn series.


Most agents don’t understand the importance of staging or they don’t know how to articulate it to the client.”   - Michael LaFido

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

There is no “I” or “you” in team:

A surefire way to get your client on the defense is to address them with “I” or “You”... You need to shift the dialogue to “we”. You and your client are a team. If you do this, the client will value you at a higher level, and be more open to accepting whatever you tell them.

Honor the client’s home and their possessions:

Take an active and sincere interest in the client’s possessions. Compliment what you later want them to put away. It will be much easier for the client to put away that ugly, day-glow painting or creepy taxidermy polar bear so that their house stages well.

Visualization is key:

Many times a home can be painted cool gray, have perfectly bare counters and floors, but still have overly personalized items. They make buyers feel like they're intruding into someone's life, which is the opposite of what you want. It’s the agent’s job to position the home so that the vast majority of buyers can visually see themselves moving in, so they'll pay the price you want in order to make it their home!


Guest Bio-

Barbara Schwarz is the creator of The Home Staging Industry®. She has personally trained over a million home stagers and real estate agents through her courses, training, and seminars. She is the founder and builder of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals, The Staging University, The ASP Courses and Designations, and


Recommended books:
Home Staging: The Winning Way to Sell Your House for More Money

Staging to Sell: The Secret to Selling Home in a Down Market

Building a Successful Home Staging Business

Staging The World 


Leveraging Price Per Square Foot

Did you know you can leverage price per square foot for all your high-end luxury properties? It’s true, and today I’ll tell you how. The Marketing Luxury Group recently leveraged the price per square foot of three properties to help their sellers get a great deal.

Embracing Diversity: A Preview of The Certified Diversity Specialist Designation (CDS) w/Julia Lashay

The Certified Diversity Specialist Designation (CDS) is launching with its first live virtual training on March 30, 2021. 

For details and to register for the Certified Diversity Specialist Certification Designation, visit  

For $50 off, use the promo code: Luxe when signing up.

America’s population is changing, and so is the ratio of homeownership in the country. As the United States becomes more diverse, embracing diversity will help you gain clients, but failing to pay attention to it could lead to client loss. 

I’m very excited to have the co-founder of CDS and one of the instructors, Julia Lashay. In this episode, we talked about diversity, why there’s been a void in real estate diversity when it comes to training, and briefly preview the seven modules covered in the CDS Designation. 

To get in touch with Julia, visit her website at


Be dedicated to building a diverse team. It leads to diverse perspectives and different approaches. When your team is representative of the community where you work, you can gain valuable consumer insights that can give your brokerage a positive edge.”  -Michael LaFido


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

Dimensions of Diversity - More Than Race:

A common misperception is that diversity and inclusion solely refer to racial considerations. While it might be the most visible factor, a truly diverse workforce embraces all dimensions of diversity (religion, sexual orientation, language, income, gender, et al). 

✔ Fair Housing Do’s and Don'ts:

Every year, real estate agents make unintentional mistakes and violate Fair Housing laws by poor advertising of a property. The CDS Designation will cover advertising as it relates to Fair Housing, ensuring that your advertising isn't only just Fair Housing compliant, but also reaching a broader audience. 

✔ Become a Social Equity Leader in Your Community: 

Learn about social equity and making sure that there's fairness and housing for everyone. The CDS Designation will also cover all of the different things you can do to be a leader in your community. Being a social equity leader will give you a little bit of a social capital edge. 


Guest Bio: 

Julia Lashay is a broker in Minnesota and Texas. She currently serves as the Director of Training and Career Development for the Keller Williams Central 75 office located in Dallas, TX, and is a managing partner of The Signature Group located in Minneapolis, MN, and Dallas, TX. Over the past 20 years, Julia Lashay has trained and coached thousands of real estate professionals. 

In 2017, Julia was nominated for the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS’ REALTOR of the Year award and received the Exceptional Service award conveyed by the Minneapolis Area REALTORS in 2020. She has been featured on several news and radio stations including Fox 9 News, Kare 11, the Star Tribune, and guest appearances on HGTV.

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