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Breaking into the Luxury Market w/Amit Bhuta

Many agents hold themselves back from the luxury side of real estate because they either don’t have enough confidence to try it, or they are transaction-based and not looking at their overall long-term business. How can we build our confidence? How and where do we start to break into the luxury market? What do we need to think about when it comes to marketing? In this episode, Amit Bhuta explains how he got started and became successful in the luxury market, and shares some insight on creative marketing tactics.



Many agents want to get to the next level, but don’t have the confidence to get there. The first thing you have to do is believe that you belong there. -Amit Bhuta


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • If we don’t take the opportunity to learn, we will miss out on the opportunity to grow. When we grow our knowledge we grow our confidence.
  • We can start to break into the luxury market by going to brokers’ open houses. We can expand on what we know about the luxury market as well as build rapport with agents who are already in the market. 
  • If we want to be a great luxury agent, we can’t only do luxury-level marketing on certain properties. We need our marketing to be consistent across all of our listings so that we can gain the respect, trust and appeal of a consistent brand.


On this episode we discussed how agents can break into the luxury market, and what we can do to build our knowledge of and, by extension, our confidence within the luxury space. We also spoke about how can use social media to get ourselves out there as well as the importance of consistent marketing for brand management.

We also shared insights on:

  • How to grow our confidence
  • How to start breaking into the luxury market
  • Why we need consistent marketing to be a great luxury agent


The hesitation a lot of agents have when it comes to expanding into the luxury market mainly comes from a lack of confidence. We can overcome this and become capable and confident luxury agents by taking opportunities and initiatives to grow our knowledge of the market. By going to brokers’ open houses, getting ourselves out there on social media, building relationships with other luxury agents in a genuine and giving way, we start to break into luxury real estate.


Guest Bio

Amit Bhuta, Real Estate Advisor at Compass and Creative Marketer, has lived in South Florida for over 40 years and truly loves everything about his Miami home. With a deep passion for his career in real estate and genuine enthusiasm for his hometown, Amit’s expertise and candor throughout the process of buying or selling a home is something that his clients consistently value. Amit’s background in sales management led him to transition into the field of real estate nearly 15 years ago. With a strong network of agents in all 50 states and 57 countries, Amit’s professional reputation has awarded him a large referral and resource network stretching around the globe. He specializes in South Florida real estate from Miami Beach to Pinecrest and works with his high-end clientele to find the best luxury property for their needs. Whether he is assisting sellers, first-time homebuyers, or those looking for an additional investment, Amit’s knowledge of the community along with his adept marketing skills allow him to provide his clients with impeccable service from start to finish. Amit holds a degree in Finance from Florida International University. #TheIndianRealtor

Building International Relationships with Agents and Buyers w/Lynda Fernandez

The international community offers so many opportunities for agents in the luxury market. How can you catch the attention of buyers outside North America? What should you avoid doing if you want to make a great impression? On this episode, Lynda Fernandez, Chief of Communications and International Business Development at the Miami Association of Realtors, shares how we can gain an international following.



If you’re in the luxury market, targeting internationals is a good idea.- Lynda Fernandez


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Focus on building good relationships with international buyers. If we have a solid foundation and deliver on our promises, these buyers will be more likely to refer us to other people in their circles.

  • We have to be easily contacted by our international clients. Whatsapp is critical for this. If we’re focused on Asian markets, WeChat is also vital.

  • Pay attention to international cultures. While research is important in this area, we also have to make sure we’re also listening to what the buyer says. We have to be respectful of their wants and needs.

At the start of the episode, we shared that one of the most common questions asked by agents in the luxury market revolves around international buyers. We explained how technology can be used to help research international buying trends. We then spoke about the importance of follow-through in communication.


We also shared insights on:

  • Adopting a more international approach to business
  • Leaving politics aside
  • Why international buyers should be your target

To do business with the international community, good communication is key. Luckily, thanks to social media and technology, that doesn’t need to be difficult. We can use the platforms to our advantage and ensure we follow through with contact. As an agent, we want to build relationships with our clients. Doing that with the international community doesn’t have to be daunting. Just remember to pay attention to the cultural differences.



Lynda Fernandez is the Chief of Communications and International at the Miami Association of Realtors. Lynda strongly believes in the importance of public relations when dealing with clients, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications from Florida International University. She is also the recipient of a Master of Accounting from Florida Atlantic University.

To find out more about Lynda, head to: 

You can also email her directly on: 

To register for the Miami International Real Estate Congress, head to

To find out more about the Miami Association of Realtors, visit:

Reinventing Yourself and the Art of Gifting w/Dustin Mathews

Many agents don’t start out in real estate and have to go through the process of reinventing themselves and starting from scratch, and others are trying to reinvent themselves within the industry. What do we need to reinvent ourselves successfully? How does getting out of our comfort zone help our growth? How should we deal with disruptions? In this episode, Dustin Mathews discusses the role reinventing ourselves plays in our success, as well as how we can set ourselves apart with creative gifting.



 You should be disrupting yourself like big companies do so that you can get to that next level in your business. -Dustin Mathews


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • The most important thing to have when reinventing ourselves is people who support us. We need a person or a team to guide us or simply listen to us so that we can be accountable and get out of our own heads.

  • In order to grow, we have to step outside of our comfort zone. When we do, it opens up new opportunities. 

  • We need to not only embrace disruptions but run towards them. By doing so we get more familiar with dealing with change, and we become better at it.

On this episode Dustin Mathews explains which elements we need in order to go through the process of reinventing ourselves successfully. We also discussed how sending creative and thoughtful gifts to prospects and clients can make you stand out from everyone else.


We also shared insights on:

  • Why we need people who support and guide us
  • How stepping out of our comfort zone helps us grow
  • The importance of embracing disruptions


Reinventing ourselves and stepping out of our comfort zone is a part of life that we all need to go through. When we reinvent ourselves we need to be able to slow down and have a grounded person or team of people that can support and guide us. In order to grow we must embrace disruptions so that we can get better and better at dealing with this inevitable part of life. By reinventing ourselves and facing disruptions, we give ourselves room to grow and become successful.


Guest Bio

Dustin Mathews is the Chief Education Officer at WealthFit, a company disrupting the financial education space and leading ordinary people to lives of wealth. Dustin is also the host of the popular "Get WealthFit!" Show and is a best-selling author. He has interviewed and shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, movie producers and titans of business such as Danica Patrick, Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin Harrington, Robert Kiyosaki, Jesse Itzler, Shannon Miller, Dave Meltzer and many others. Dustin’s ventures have been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today and INC Magazine. He also received recognition by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for codifying a process for creating and selling products and service, Irresistible Offer Architecture®.

The Shift Happening in the Luxury Market and What to Do About It w/Brad Inman

We all know that the real estate market differs across local spaces, but collectively the luxury market isn’t doing as well as it was a few years ago. How can we stay informed about market trends and best practices? What is currently impacting the luxury market? What can we do to manage and overcome market shifts? In this episode, Brad Inman explains where the luxury market is mid-2019, and how conferences and communities can help us through these shifts.



Sellers are pricing too high, and buyers don’t want to make a move to lowball or bid. -Brad Inman


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • We can better overcome and manage the challenges we face in a shifting luxury market by going to conferences and events about luxury market trends and best practices.

  • We need to be upfront with our clients, especially when talking about listings. We have to inform them of all the implications that are going to affect the luxury market so we can stay ahead of the market and make more successful transactions.

  • We stand to gain a community of support from people in our industry who are helping one another be successful by attending conferences like Luxury Connect.

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We also shared insights on:

  • Overcoming and managing luxury market shifts
  • How to gain a community of support for success
  • How keeping clients informed helps our success


The two biggest problems the luxury market has at the moment are taxes and sellers pricing too high. There’s no shortage of wealthy people, no shortage of successful realtors, and no shortage of referrals, but there is a hesitation on the buy side with the wealthy. By keeping our clients informed about the luxury market and its trends, we can help them sell and buy more effectively and successfully and in turn grow our business. When we invest in our career by attending industry conferences and events, we allow ourselves to stay up to date and educated about our market as well as build a supportive community of like-minded luxury professionals.


Guest Bio

Brad Inman is the Owner and Chairman of the Board of Inman, a digital media company that reports on the real estate industry. Founded in 1996, Inman has grown to become the largest real estate news company. The firm publishes more than 3,000 stories a year and produces widely popular events where the industry learns about the latest market trends, new technology and business models. On the Inman stage, Brad has interviewed many technology and media personalities including Rupert Murdoch, Arianna Huffington, Craig Newmark, Barry Diller, Kara Swisher and Barbara Corcoran. In 1999, he founded an online real estate firm called HomeGain which was acquired by media company Classified Ventures in 2005. Among other innovations, HomeGain was the first company to offer consumers an instant online home valuation tool. Brad was also one of the first investors and served as Chairman of the blogging platform Curbed before it was sold to Vox Media.


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How to Stay Afloat When the Market Dips w/David Osborn

For the past few years, most real estate markets in North America have done relatively well. Should we be expecting that to change anytime soon? How can you continue to have a successful business if the market does become less favorable?

On this episode, we’re joined by David Osborn, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller Wealth Can’t Wait, who shares his advice for thriving even through changing market conditions.



Prepare for a dip. Nothing goes up forever, and we’ve been going up for a long time. -David Osborn


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Most luxury real estate in North America is in a “neutral” to “buyers” market.

  • A drop in the market is inevitable, and it’s likely to take place relatively soon.

  • A pro-tax, pro-business environment is very important for the luxury market to thrive.

This episode began with David Osborn sharing his background and explaining his motivations for getting into real estate. We then discussed the amazing opportunities real estate offers, even when the market is unfavorable.

We also shared insights on:

  • Staying positive and avoiding discouragement
  • Why real estate will remain an important industry for years to come
  • How real estate has created more millionaires than any other business, worldwide


Financial experts in every industry agree that a market crash is inevitable. However, the great news for real estate professionals is that there will always be a reason for buying or selling property. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged.



David Osborn is an Operating Partner at Keller Williams. Having grown up with a military father and a real estate agent mother, David decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps. Like her, he hasn’t looked back since. In addition to his position at Keller Williams, David is an entrepreneur, speaker and an author. Alongside Paul Morris, David is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Wealth Can’t Wait.


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How Thinking Outside The Box Increases Traffic To Your Listings

We see the same pictures, the same angles, and the same mistakes being made in real estate marketing over and over again. How can agents make their property stand out from the rest? How can you use a property’s unique feature to make it memorable? What can we do to get a plain property noticed?

In this episode, Melissa Leonard who listed the "50 Shades" home and Kristin Gyldenege who showcased "fitness models" in her listing pictures talk about their creative ways of getting their listing noticed and how it increased traffic to their properties.

View an Article on the '50 Shades' House HERE

View the Home for Sale Featuring Half-Dressed Fitness Models HERE



Taking a risk is worthwhile if it gets someone to look at the house who would’ve never looked at it before. -Kristin Gyldenege


Takeaways & Tactics

In order for our property to stand out from the competition, we have to make it memorable to local buyers, people in the industry, and even the news and media. If there is something unique about a property, use it to your advantage.

Property launch is key. The first 7-14 days are crucial when you’re marketing a home. After that, there will naturally be less online inquiries and showings. From the start, you have to be priced correctly, and your photos have to be great.

Most buyers cannot visualize, and people are lazy by nature. They want to be able to move into a house and not do anything except unpack. We need to be aware of this when we market and show properties to potential buyers.


By stepping outside the box and getting creative with how we market our properties, we can significantly increase the traffic to them. Too many listings are done in the same old way with the same kinds of photos, and continuing to do so does not make your client’s listing stand out from the competition. By using elements that are unique to a property we can make a listing memorable not only to buyers, but to the media as well, and create a buzz around the property. It is our job to get as much traffic as possible to a listing, and we can do so by taking calculated risks and leveraging opportunities to our advantage.


Best Practices for Agents in the Luxury Market w/Anthony Hitt

In a space where we are constantly surrounded by noise and options, agents need to be able to cut through that noise by providing high value service to clients. It is especially important to be able to do this in the luxury market. How can we continue to deliver a luxury experience? Where is the luxury market sitting today? What best practices should agents be using?

In this episode, CEO of Engel & Volkers, Anthony Hitt, explains some of the best practices that top luxury listing agents are using to further their success in the climate of today’s industry.



We’re providing a much higher level of service than we have probably ever provided as an industry, and we’re continuing to go in that direction. -Anthony Hitt


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Clients who want a luxury experience sit at every price point, and we need to deliver that experience to make successful transactions.

  • In an age where we’re constantly being inundated with the noise that elements like technology bring, we have to provide a higher and higher level of service. If we don’t, we won’t be amongst those who survive and thrive in our industry.

  • In order to articulate your value proposition properly, you need to be using four best practices. These are attracting the best talent, constantly learning and training, collaborating with your network of fellow agents, and taking action on the data you have.


We also shared insights on:

  • Delivering a luxury experience at every price point
  • Why high-level service is vital today
  • What we need to articulate our value proposition


Agents in the luxury market have to continuously provide a higher level of service for their discerning clientele. Today, discerning clientele stretch across all price points, and we need to be able to deliver a luxury experience across the board. By attracting the best talent, consistently learning and training, collaborating with our network of fellow agents, and taking action on the data we have to drive successful sales, we can set ourselves up for success in our industry and really add value.


Guest bio

Anthony Hitt is the CEO of Engel & Volkers Americas since January 2014. Engel & Volkers is known as the leading destination for highly selective real estate service with unique, international accessibility and looks to Anthony’s leadership for its continued growth and success. The company now has almost 150 shops and close to 3000 real estate advisors spanning the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a top-producing agent for many years, Anthony was continually acknowledged for his business acumen and commitment to customer satisfaction by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. Drawing from his experience – and from his success managing his own record-setting team of twelve real estate professionals under the Anthony Hitt banner – Anthony established a training course for other agents to raise the bar for superior performance in the industry. Anthony credits his business and real estate success to his philosophy of providing exceptionally personal customer service and constantly implementing the most up-to-date systems for efficiency and comprehensive service. He has authored several books to share his advice for success in business and in life with others, including "Essentials of Personal Achievement", "Taking Charge", and "Positive Impressions."

How to Brand Yourself Effectively in the Luxury Market w/Jay Macklin

Success in real estate relies on marketing, so it’s important that agents have effective strategies. What are some ways to market yourself and see great results? Can you do it without being attached to a well-known brand? On this episode, I talk with Jay Macklin, owner of Platinum Living Realty, to hear how he’s branded himself and what it’s done for his business.



It’s not about the agent. It’s about what’s in it for the consumer. -Jay Macklin


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Spend less time worrying about the brand you’re attached to and focus on your client’s experience with you, personally.

  • Articulate your unique and compelling value to your consumer. If you’re going above and beyond, ensure your customer knows that.

  • If you’re new to luxury real estate, immerse yourself in the market by going on broker’s tours and open houses.


At the start of the episode, Jay shared on his background and gave a brief overview of his timeline in the real estate industry. He then spoke about how agents should go about their marketing and branding. Jay mentioned that you don’t need to be attached to a powerful brand— just focus on letting clients know you’re the agent they should approach.


We also shared insights on:

  • Why your focus should be all about your client
  • How to target your marketing for effective results
  • Why you need a definitive call-to-action for your marketing


To make a name for yourself in luxury real estate, you need to be prepared for the market. Become comfortable with the properties you’ll be selling, and understand the market fully before you commit to a career in the industry. Once you’ve established your understanding, make sure you’re prepared for the clients. Do your research and make sure you’re marketing to your target audience.


Guest Bio

Jay Macklin first entered the world of real estate in 2006. In the time since then, Jay founded Desert Platinum Properties, alongside his wife. This has subsequently been converted to Platinum Living Realty. Today, Platinum Living Realty has 4 offices and 150 agents. Jay is passionate about educating agents and helping them achieve great results, and is one of the 2 Phoenix are certified coaches for the Craig Proctor coaching program.


To find out more about Jay, head to

You can also email him on

Launching a Luxury Program and Crushing It in Real Estate w/Anthony Lamacchia

The luxury “bracket” of real estate can be a difficult space to get into, but is very lucrative. How do we set ourselves up to get into luxury real estate? What do we need to do differently when dealing with a luxury listing? In this episode, Anthony Lamacchia shares on launching a luxury program and outlines his free content platform for agents, ‘Crush It in Real Estate’.


To get into the luxury portfolio, you have to qualify. It’s not pay-to-play. -Anthony Lamacchia


Takeaways + Tactics

  • In the luxury space, we have to take every aspect to the next level. When we improve everything from our pictures to our floor plans, we give our agents something better to offer when they run luxury listings.

  • When dealing with sellers, three of these four P’s need to be met. The price needs to be realistic, the person needs to be nice to work with, the property needs to be unique, and the positioning of the property must be right for the market.

  • If you have never dealt with a luxury listing before, you have to be more flexible as an agent. You’ll have to take on an overpriced property or a difficult client in order to build your book up to the point where you can turn down listings.


On this episode we discuss launching a luxury program in 2019. Anthony Lamacchia explains how and why he decided to start the program, and the growth and impact his free content platform for agents ‘Crush It in Real Estate’ has had.

We also shared insights on:

  • How dealing with luxury listings differs from the other brackets
  • What four things need to be considered when dealing with sellers
  • How to get started as an agent in the luxury space


As agents, we can increase our average sale price by having more homes from the luxury bracket on our roster. However, it is an area that we need specific tools to succeed in, and certain qualifications need to be met in order to get into luxury. Every aspect of the listing and marketing process needs to be next-level, and we have to look at the price, seller, property and positioning in more detail. Initiatives like luxury programs and accessible agent-specific content will help us get to the level we need in order to succeed in luxury.


Guest Bio

Anthony Lamacchia is the Broker/Owner and CEO of Lamacchia Realty, Lamacchia Property Management, Lamacchia Development, and REAL Training and Systems Inc. He spends his time running the companies, training agents and his national coaching customers, and strategically planning for the future. Anthony is considered an industry expert, having done hundreds of television appearances on local news and many speaking engagements at national industry conferences.  He is completely obsessed and passionate about providing all the agents and employees in the company with top-notch technology, the best possible tools, and the absolute very best training to excel in their careers and grow their businesses.

How to Innovate in Your Real Estate Business from the Inside Out w/Dan Duffy


Those of us in real estate must use adapt and evolve in our use of technology in order to remain relevant and serve our clients. How can we best cater to the needs of high-profile clients? In what ways can we leverage technology to help us? How can we innovate our practices to meet the needs of our business? In this episode, CEO of United Real Estate Holdings LLC, Dan Duffy, shares how he uses a combination of technology and internal evaluation to lead a successful real estate corporation.


The winning solution is when you innovate from the inside as opposed to coming from the outside. –Dan Duffy


Takeaways + Tactics

  • We need to determine who our buyer is and create our sale around that persona. It is impossible to market a property that ticks the boxes for everyone, cater to those who would be most likely to be attracted to it.

  • We must make clients aware of all their options from the get-go. This can help build trust and show that we’re working with their best interest in mind.  

  • Auctioning services can be valuable to both clients and agents. Clients can bring their asset to the market at a certain time, clear it, and convert it into cash. Also, agents can significantly impact their transaction value.


On this episode, we discuss some of the businesses that operate under the United Real Estate Group. Dan Duffy explains how and why these sections of the company came to be, and how they have positively impacted the success of the business.

We also shared insights on:

  • The shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market
  • How strategy is moving towards technology in real estate
  • How to manage high profile clients


Our role in real estate is to understand and cater to the needs of our clients. This can be achieved in numerous ways, most importantly by being transparent about options with clients, utilizing tools like technology to our advantage, and being aware of our buyer’s persona so that we can effectively make targeted sales. When we develop from the inside while considering the current market and climate, we become geared for success in our industry.


Guest bio

Dan Duffy is the CEO of United Real Estate Holdings LLC (Group), a real estate services and franchise holding company operating multiple businesses under its "United" trade name. Dan spent nearly 20 years focused on serving clients in a number of senior executive positions. Most recently he served as the President and CEO of a two-time Microsoft Global Partner of the Year and Largest Global Microsoft Business Solutions Partner, with over 25 offices on three continents serving 12,000 clients in 48 countries. Learn more about United Real Estate at