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Why Improved Customer Experience Is the Next Industry Disruptor w/Nick Bailey, CEO of Century 21

April 26, 2018

Understanding the people we work with changes the customer experience for the better. How should you communicate with your customers? How do you improve their experience? How can you match the buyer with the perfect house? On this episode, Century 21 CEO, Nick Bailey shares his insights on making real estate a pleasant experience for both the agent and the customer.


We have to be ready to communicate with them in the manner that they want to, because if we don’t they will find someone that will. -Nick Bailey


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Consumers are more likely to demand an instant gratification experience from companies in all industries, including real estate.
  • The next industry disruptor is not technology itself, but how technology can help us provide an anxiety-free consumer experience.
  • Real estate is a supply and demand business, and smart home technology is definitely an increasing trend. Most buyers prefer homes with this type of technology.



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On this episode, we shared insights on the attitude agents should adopt when it comes to improving the customer experience and what will remain unchanged in the real estate industry no matter technological changes.

We also shared insights on:

  • How real estate will always remain a people-based business
  • How to communicate in the way your clients want you to communicate
  • The new open house experience in the light of new technology

The most important aspect of selling luxury homes is knowing the seller. Do they have a family? Are they single? How does migration happen? All these aspects make the transaction process smoother and more anxiety-free for both the agent and the buyer, simply because they are both on the same wavelength. Preparing a home for buyers is also an important element of the transaction. Many homeowners leave their own footprint on the furnishings of the house, which makes buyers feel it isn’t their home. Tech is a great solution for these concerns and it will continue to change how we do business.


Guest Bio

Nick Bailey is the President and CEO at Century 21 and an expert in highly competitive markets and marketing campaigns. At only 28 years old, he became the a RE/MAX World Headquarters VP. Since then, he has taken the real estate industry by storm, being vice president 3 times and ultimately becoming the CEO at Century 21.