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Wade Hanson Interview - What Makes for a Successful Agent

March 4, 2021

Being an agent in the luxury market is hard work. Not only are you dealing with some seriously discerning clients, but you also have huge commissions on the line, so impressing them and bringing your A-game is key. 

This week, Wade Hanson, #1 estate broker in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, shares his story behind his successful Remax Results agency. Wade has taken the Luxury Listing Specialist Designation course and is a certified LUXE Agent. 

Wade and I also share insights on what defines luxury, as well as strategies to breaking into the luxury market. Be sure to listen all the way through to hear some actionable advice for all agents.    

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You can't fool savvy consumers. You've got to have a strong set of core values and a high level of integrity. The client has to know that their needs are always going to come first.”  -Wade Hanson


Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode

✔ Traits of a successful luxury agent:
  Top luxury agents have strong core values and high integrity. Whether the listing is for 200k or a million, they treat every client the same.

✔ Facts, not emotions:
  Wade’s success and longevity stems from the philosophy that it’s best to remove the emotion out of the transaction, don’t sugarcoat. Stick to the facts and always do what’s best for the client.

✔ Make connections on social media: 
  Making your presence known on social media and getting your service in front of the right eyes will remind people what do you and will help with getting referrals. 

Guest Bio:

Since 1999, Wade Hanson has been creating results for clients as a real estate professional and broker. His reputation for his success mindset and dedicated effort as a high performer led him to be named among Realtor® magazine’s Top 30 Realtors Under the Age of 30 in 2005, recognized for having built a $60M multi-office real estate firm. A luxury market specialist, Wade has extensive expertise in marketing and selling upper-tier properties. He a top real estate Broker in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin serving clients from his Remax® Results office in Woodbury, Minnesota.