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Using Social Media to Boost Your Business w/David Adam Kurz

February 15, 2019

The internet has given agents a wide array of tools for connecting with clients and building their business. How can you make the most of internet-based platforms? What are the specific applications that can put you ahead of your competitors? On this episode, I talk with David Adam Kurz, author, social media influencer, and owner of Kurz Real Estate. We discuss how 21st century technology can expand your network and your business.



The more people I get in front of, the bigger my network. -David Adam Kurz


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Agree to be a guest on podcasts and contribute to articles. Make sure you're visible.

  • Just start. You don't need expensive equipment to shoot a video. Basic, raw footage is often more popular with viewers.
  • Share as much content with your audience as possible. The more you share, the more people will trust you.


At the start of this episode, David shared his belief that being in the public eye is the best way to generate business. Even though he first became visible through traditional media platforms like radio, free tools like Facebook Live completely changed his approach and his results.


We also shared insights on:

  • The necessity of creating video content
  • Why you should embrace your position. Whether in a boutique agency or a franchise, there are merits and you should emphasize them
  • The importance of never bad-mouthing your competition


Social media has changed the game for everyone, including those in the real estate industry. Even if your competitors are not embracing technological changes, you need to. In fact, if your competitors aren't utilizing online-based tools or platforms, it's even more vital that you fill the void and start sharing content with your audience. Have an abundance mindset and never stop sharing. We have the tools at our disposal. Take advantage of them.


Guest Bio:

David Adam Kurz is the owner of Kurz Real Estate, Corp. Using multiple media platforms, David's business has seen phenomenal success as agents are not only constantly showcasing their knowledge of the industry with the audience, but can list properties to a wide database through these channels. David is also the successful author of The Blueprint: Strategies for Building a Successful Real Estate Business and Take Action: Building a Business with the Right Mindset and Foundation.

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