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Using Direct Response Marketing to Target Luxury Sellers w/Dean Jackson

January 25, 2018

For people who want to move into the luxury market, it may seem like it’s already locked up by veteran agents. How can you break into it with one simple tactic? What are buyers and sellers really looking for, and how can you easily provide it? On this episode, we talk to agent, marketing expert, coach, and podcast host, Dean Jackson who shares on the advantages of investing in direct response marketing.

If you show them that you’re the closest to them getting that check, there’s all the chance in the world that they’ll go with you. -Dean Jackson

Takeaways + Tactics

  • In every market, there’s a kind of home that’s most desirable at the top end of the market. Knowing what that is goes a long way.
  • It’s way more valuable for you to know the people that have an immediate need for your service than for a wider pool to know who they are.
  • Pick 500 homes to send postcards to, and think of it as an investment.

At the start of the show, Dean shared how he got started and how he works to help agents build lifestyle businesses. Next, he gave an overview of direct response marketing and how it works. Dean also talked about how direct response can give you a secret inventory of potential sellers and the reality of what people are really looking for.

We also discussed:

  • How agents can use systems, leverage and other people to create a great life
  • The power of targeting
  • The difference between direct response and other forms of marketing

When most people think of marketing they think of personal promotion, creating top of mind awareness and getting their name out there. Direct response is not about getting your name out to everyone. It is designed to get the people who actually need what you’re offering. Direct response allows you to be a “market maker” and it makes your marketing even more effective. No matter how good another agent’s listing presentation is, how established they are as the expert, or how good their marketing is, if you can bring a prospect closer to a transaction, you can win their business.

Guest Bio
Dean is a real estate coach, Internet marketer, founder of Go Go Agent and host of the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast. Go to to find out about his postcard service, go to to learn more about the podcast, or email