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No Inventory, No Problem. How To Attract Off Market Sellers & Get Your Offer Chosen w/Regan Maki

November 4, 2021

Have you had a buyer client recently lose out in a multiple offer situation? Is inventory still low? Are you familiar with the term appraisal gap? Do you have an idea what it is or how to apply it? This episode is for you if you want to learn more about finding potential sellers in a low inventory market & the appraisal gap. My guest, Regan Maki, and I will be digging deep into these topics.

Regan is a coaching client of mine, a top agent, and team leader of a $95m+ team in Atlanta, Georgia with Compass. Regan's been in real estate for 21 years now. Over the years, her knowledge and wisdom have expanded, and she has loads of information to share with us.

When the Covid pandemic started, Regan thought that business would come to a halt. Little did she know that things were about to get better. Regan confesses that 2020 ended up being one of their best years in business.

In this episode, we’ll talk about how Regan and her team managed it through the pandemic, how she is diversifying into luxury homes, and how to handle finding off-market sellers as well as appraisal gaps.

Listen and learn.


Connect with Regan Maki: 

Cellphone: 404-304-6452



As a buyer, in today’s market, you are having to get so creative, and tight on all the contingencies that you’re putting in an offer.”  -Regan Maki

Three Things You’ll Learn from this Episode

- There is always room for learning:
Despite being in the industry for 21 years, Regan believes that you can never have too many tools in your toolbox. She has enrolled in my coaching program, which will help her get even better at selling luxury homes.   

- The Appraisal Gap:
When there is a listed property with multiple offers, you can apply an appraisal gap to get the property. An appraisal gap is a difference between the fair market value determined by the appraiser and the amount you agreed to pay for the home.

- Dealing with low inventory:
When dealing with a low inventory period, you can always ask a buyer how much they are willing to spend on a property. Then reach out to people in the area with the offer to see who is ready to sell.


Guest Bio: 

Regan has been a licensed Realtor in Georgia for over 20 years. She has also played a role on the Zillow Agent Advisory Board since 2017. The Regan Maki Team has been listed in the Wall Street Journal RealTrends as the #6 Team in Georgia, #1 Zillow recommended Realtor in North Atlanta, and RealTrends top 500 teams Nationwide.