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The Three Things that Separate Successful Teams from the Rest w/Steve Olson

August 16, 2018


Most agents don’t have the budget, tolerance, and patience to wait for the good results of their strategies. How should you go about evaluating whether something is really working? What factors do you need to consider in order to hire really good people? Do you need to have a luxury lifestyle to be worthy of getting high-end listings? On this episode, Kingston Lane CEO Steve Olson shares on the activities, mindsets, and behaviors that will make you successful at any price point.



You have to have the cadence, ability, threshold, and tolerance to run advertising and be okay that some of the stuff isn’t going to work. -Steve Olson


Takeaways + Tactics

  • If you can get most marketing to work in the high end, it will work for the “bread and butter” tenfold.
  • You can’t have agents on your team that are only happy when they get happy results. They have to be in love with the journey.
  • When it comes to selling luxury, you don’t have to live the lifestyle you sell.


At the start of the show, Steve talked about what Kingston Lane does for agents, and shares his observations on advertising after running thousands of ads. Next, we talked about the importance of hiring people that match your culture and goals. We also talked about one of the biggest misconceptions people have about luxury listings.

We also discussed:

  • Productivity tips and improvements
  • Steve’s tip for hiring agents who will always work hard
  • Why we should never expect our business to be easy

There are going to be ups and downs in real estate, but we have to keep the motivation to do our work. We make the money we make because we’re paid to negotiate our client’s emotions. The minute the business gets easy or streamlined, our commission dollars are going to plummet. Ultimately, we have to become experts at hiring well and tracking everything we do. Remember that the ability to sell luxury has nothing to do with being at that level in our own lifestyle. We just have to bring a high level of quality in the service we provide.


Guest Bio

Steve Olson is the President of Kingston Lane and an award-winning veteran of the real estate industry. Steve’s holistic experience comes from his success in real estate sales, team and brokerage leadership, and coaching the highest-producing teams in North America. Steve is a true industry leader with cutting-edge tactics that he shares with teams and also utilizes in his own real estate business every day. Go to for more information.