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The Secrets of Luxury Real Estate Auctions w/Chad Roffers

May 19, 2017

The fundamentals of luxury real estate haven’t changed since 2008. What are the statistics that remain the same across the country? How does the auction model fit in with luxury real estate sales? On this episode, we talk to the Founder of Concierge Auctions, Chad Roffers. He shares with us the importance of setting the right expectations and how to build and grow profitable relationships.

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Buyer expectations are just as important as seller expectations. - Chad Roffers

Takeaways + Tactics

1. Across the country, 25 -35% of luxury listings sell quickly, for +90% a list.

2. If you hit 90 days without a sell, the right move isn’t price reduction but pools of demand.

3. The ideal luxury seller profile: someone who values time as much as money.


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At the start of the show, Chad shared on his company and what he has learned about the luxury market. He also shared on why the results are better when his team partners with local brokers and what people get wrong when a listing isn’t selling. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of setting a standard with that first transaction.

Chad also shared insights on;

  • The ideal seller profile
  • How to position the asset and expand the pool of buyers
  • The fee structure his team uses
  • The importance of setting expectations

When a piece of property isn’t selling, you solve this issue with how you position the asset, and expand the pool of buyers. It’s important to remember that buyer expectations are just as important as seller expectations. The key to winning in this market is being pro-agent, and when you have that successful first transaction with a broker in a given market, you can create the path for even more success. Setting expectations is paramount.

Guest Bio

Chad Roffers is an entrepreneur who has overseen the successful sale of more than $1 billion in real estate worldwide. As the managing director and chairman of international luxury real estate company Concierge Auctions, Roffers draws on his background in online advertising, negotiation and real estate sales to manage the selection and marketing of auction properties spanning the globe. Go to for more information.

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-Chad Roffers, Chairman & Managing Director of Concierge Auctions