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Building LA’s #1 Team & Delivering The Ritz-Carlton Experience w/Justin Alexander

June 8, 2017

How can agents give a VIP service in the luxury market? How can a team set itself up to give this service consistently and across all clients? What is the process of getting a home showcase-ready? On this episode, Justin Alexander shares his expertise on creating a great experience for clients and how communication and systems play into this.

To get a house to show with that extra wow factor, it takes time, effort, energy and sometimes it takes some money. -Justin Alexander

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Agents are hand-fed all their listings/buyers, they just have to cultivate the relationship.
  • Agents do not have to generate any leads, the team has a 52% referral rate.
  • Staging is important: 90% of buyers see the home only as it is presented.

At the start of the show Justin shared how he got into real estate, and how his team is structured. He shared why they employ listing managers/assistants, and what it takes for a home to have the wow factor. We also talked about the importance of staging and when Justin’s market becomes a buyer’s market.

Justin also spoke about

  • How they get homes showcase-ready
  • What happens after the home is sold
  • The importance of consistency

The concierge-level service that Hilton-Pardee offers, means there’s no handoff to a TC. Agents are given support by listing managers who help make the process more seamless, and uphold the VIP experience. Positioning the home in its most positive light is one of the most important parts of the service, and that means putting in the effort and resources to make this possible for clients without putting the extra burden of executing on them. Having a team of high-end professionals has a huge impact.

Guest Bio

Justin is the Director of Sales for Hilton Pardee. He works hand-in-hand with Founder and CEO, oversees and manages 5 Listing agents, 20 buyer agents (specialized), also acts as Listing Agent for VIP sellers. He has 14+ years of experience in sales and residential mortgage banking, managed and executed over $1Billion in sales in the last 4 years. Justin is also a former Mortgage Banker for Fortune 500 lenders, originating and executing over $75 million in residential finance. Go to for more information about Justin.