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The Essence of Continuous Education in Real Estate with Teresa Kinney and Letty Oliver

October 24, 2022


Education is the key to success, but unfortunately, we see people not interested in educating themselves on the latest trends and what's working and not working. The fact is, things are constantly evolving, and we must keep learning to stay relevant. 

In this episode, Teresa Kinney and Letty Oliver join me on the show to share how Miami Realtors take real estate education a notch higher.

Teresa Kinney is the CEO of the Miami Realtors Association. Letty Oliver is the Chief of Innovative Education. The Miami Realtors Association is the largest in the United States and second to the Toronto Board. It has 55,000 primary and 60,000 total members. 

Teresa and Letty will give us details of what they're doing to bring more education into real estate. They'll also share local and global courses' dates and venues.

The most fantastic thing about their courses is they don't cost an arm and a leg. They're affordable. To top it up, they have memberships like Young Professionals Network (YPN) that allow members to enjoy free classes, get exposure on Miami YPN socials, and offer a referral network. 

Listen to this episode to learn more.

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Luxury is a global business. Having those connections are important.”  -Michael LaFido



Three Things You’ll Learn from this Episode:

• Education is key if you want to succeed and remain relevant in the real estate space. 

• Having a membership and getting involved in your local association is essential. It opens you up to networking opportunities and access to courses necessary for your career. 

• You can never be too connected. Get involved in various networking groups and sub-groups such as YPN, WCR, AREAA, NAREB, NAHREP, and The Alliance.

Guest Bio: 

Miami Association of Realtors is the largest local Realtor association in the United States, with over 60,000 members. They offer over 4000 programs to its members where they can learn all about technology, and the latest trends in the marketplace, designations, and certifications. 

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