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Rewarding Your Agents with Exclusive Luxury Events with Tamara and Emmitt Combs

October 6, 2022

Do you run a real estate brokerage or a large team? When did you last have a training session for them at a fun, yet exclusive venue?

We’re in a shifting economy, and we've seen many brokers cut back on their agents, but Combs Premier Realty Group has taken a different route. 

They believe your company's average sale price increases when you motivate and reward your agents or team. Their goal was to have their team trained for luxury buyers and more luxury listings.

They invited me to train their top agents at a 17,000 sq foot mansion they rented; looking back, the investment was worth it.

In this episode, Tamara and Emmitt Combs join me to discuss the importance of empowering your team through training. My guests confirm that their team has become bolder and more robust since the training at the mansion. Their team is always ready to show up, leverage its database, and always prepared to market. 

Listen to this episode to hear more.

"If you want to get into luxury, then you really need to monitor your daily conversations and who you engage with. "- Emmitt Combs

Three Things You'll Learn

  • Education is critical. When you're armed with the right information, you'll always be bold enough to serve your clients without feeling like an imposter. 

  • When you invest in your office or team, the business becomes the most significant beneficiary in the long run.

  • You cannot build a strong team or office without empowering them. Your team needs your support. 

Guest Bio:

Combs Premier Realty Group is the largest African-American-owned real estate brokerage in Central Florida, with expanding offices in Miami and Atlanta. 

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