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Setting Yourself Apart With Collateral Marketing w/Thad Wong

March 15, 2019


As a luxury real estate agent, how can you set yourself apart from your competitors? What role does branding play? Other there other factors crucial to getting a sale? On this episode, I talk with Thad Wong of @properties. Thad has had tremendous success in the Chicago luxury market, and he’s here to share his advice.



One thing that can always be improved is collateral marketing for listings. -Thad Wong


Takeaways + Tactics

  • More agents should focus on collateral marketing. While it may not be what makes or breaks a sale, having good brochures makes a difference to potential buyers.

  • Showcase seller’s homes in a high-quality way, through a range of platforms. While advertising may not be the deciding factor, it certainly entices the buyer.

  • Make sure you’re showcasing every client’s home on all the same range of platforms. Doing this will distinguish your services from those of your competitors.


At the start of the episode, Thad Wong explained why @properties makes use of high-quality branding for their clients. He also weighed-in on some of the real estate myths surrounding the Chicago market.


We also shared insights on:

  • The importance for agents to have strong emotional intelligence regarding their clients’ needs
  • The need for positive relationships between your clients and the appropriate people in the industry to whom you have access
  • Why technological tools are absolutely crucial, particularly in the luxury market.

In a market renowned for its distinction, you must showcase your listings with the respect they deserve. However, you also need to work with contemporary technologies. Buyers and sellers are no longer interested in piles of paperwork. Nor are they happy to view collateral merely from a flimsy flier. Make sure you showcase properties on a range of platforms, and focus on providing an exceptional service.



After establishing himself as one of the top agents in Chicago in the mid-1990s, Thad Wong co-founded @properties in 2000, a luxury brokerage in the city. Under his and his co-founder’s leadership, @properties has grown to around $9 billion in annual sales, and employs approximately 2800 agents. Today, @properties is the top brokerage in Chicago.

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