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Proactive Outreach and Lead Generation w/ Former KW CEO, Chris Heller

January 11, 2018

Too many agents simply tell clients what they want to hear to get the business. Why is it so important to be ethical and always provide information backed by data and analytics? How can you go about building a team instead of simply waiting for more clients? Why is it so important to know when your market tips to favor the buyer? On this episode, we talk about these questions and more with Chris Heller, former CEO of Keller Williams.

Focus on your core systems, your lead generation, your lead follow up, and getting deals done. -Chris Heller

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Bring on more people to help handle the business as you expand.
  • Don’t hire someone unless you’re prepared to train them to be successful.
  • At some price point, demand drops. You have to know what that point is.

At the start, Chris shared on the roles composing his team and the importance of behavioral and personality assessments. Next, we discussed what a lot of people get wrong when it comes to building teams, and Chris talked about the outbound prospecting his team does. Towards the end, we talked about value adds you can bring to the market.

We also discussed:

  • The value of bringing market knowledge
  • Luxury in San Diego and the state of the market
  • Why you need to inform people with real data and analytics

Most people build teams too soon because they decide to expand before they have the demand for it. Focus first on your core systems and giving the best possible service. Then bring people on as your demands increase. Learn to be smart about hiring and training because that determines the quality of your team. It’s also crucial to arm yourself with as much market data as possible, and know your market well.

Guest Bio

Chris Heller has built one of the most successful real estate teams in the United States. From his selection as Rookie of the Year in 1989, to being the top-producing agent in San Diego County and the #1 Keller Williams associate in all of North America, Chris has earned the respect of colleagues and clients for the exceptional results he delivers. Under Chris’ leadership, the Heller Team has sold thousands of homes. In fact, he has sold more than 100 homes a year, every year for the past two decades. For more than 29 years, Chris has succeeded in a highly competitive marketplace through his leadership, drive and ability to assemble and empower high-performing teams. The specialized members of the Heller Team provide unrivaled market knowledge and client service. For more information go to, call 800.800.2978 or email