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How to Build a Brand that Stands Out with Nick ”Tiger” Quay

June 30, 2022

We live in an era where everyone knows a Realtor. Sometimes and you must be the black sheep in the herd. Sometimes, we find ourselves going overboard, trying to stand out from the crowd. In this episode, Nick "Tiger " Quay and I have an in-depth conversation on building a brand that stands out. 

Nick is a creative Realtor and marketer who has managed to build a brand that stands out. He recalls a situation with a client who wanted to sell a house with about 17 cats living there for years.

The seller called Nick and wanted an immediate answer on whether he could sell the house. Nick said yes, and the silence on the seller's side was evidence that something was amiss. 

So, Nick got creative and decided to take a different marketing route. He had a buyer for the home in no time. 

Listen and learn about Nick's secret sauce from this episode on how to stand out as a brand. 


When people see your sign consistently in the neighborhood, your name spreads around a little bit more. -Nick "Tiger' Quay

Three Things You'll Learn from this Episode


  • On building your brand:
    As a brand, you need a social device for your brand; Nick has his tiger mascot and his paddleboard. 
  • Standing out:
    Standing out is about how you serve others and represent yourself.
  • Giving without expecting a return:
    Marketing is about finding your voice and serving others without expecting anything in return.  

Guest Bio:
For more than thirteen years Nick “Tiger” Quay has been at the forefront of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale real estate industry. Nick's passion for introducing South Florida's diverse culture to his clients influenced him to think and act beyond the average Realtor's scope.

Nick practices what he believes in. He has a cosmopolitan perspective on life. As an avid paddleboarder and waterman, Nick is extremely passionate about the environment and is often involved in resiliency conversations at different levels. As a founding member of the Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force in his city, Nick actively looks for opportunities to protect the continued growth and stability of the homes and businesses in the area.

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