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Meeting the COVID-Era Consumer Where They’re At w/Michael Miedler

September 24, 2020

Many agents are pleasantly surprised at how well the industry has done in spite of COVID-19, but we’re not out of the woods just yet. If we want to safeguard our success throughout the pandemic, there are some adjustments we need to make.


The consumer’s wants and needs have shifted during this time, so it’s never been more important to meet them where they are. What is the COVID-era buyer looking for, and how can agents provide that?


We also need to prioritize our clients’ safety throughout the process. How can we show the consumer their health is our key concern, even as restrictions ultimately ease?


In this episode, President and CEO of Century 21, Michael Miedler shares how to adapt to the times. This podcast was originally recorded on Michael LaFido's Luxury Lunch & Learn.


Homebuyers’ priorities are changing, so agents need to adapt their strategies. -Michael LaFido



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode:


What homebuyers are looking for today:

Lockdown restrictions have completely changed the way the consumer thinks. As people spend more time at home, space has become more of a priority, and many who were once happy in apartment buildings are eager to find properties with yards. 


How to serve the customer of today’s needs:

With so many people only going into the office once or twice a week (if at all), buyers are more willing to move a few hours out of the city. We have to be willing to find our clients the home that makes them happiest, even if it's not in our immediate market. 


How to create a safe, health-conscious experience for clients:

Even as restrictions ease, many consumers will be hesitant to meet in person. Offer virtual and digital appointments to ensure prospective buyers feel as comfortable as possible.


Guest Bio-

Michael Miedler is the President and CEO of Century 21 Real Estate, LLC. He has spent over 2 decades with the brand, and prior to his current position, he served as the global chief growth officer (CGO) for the organization. Today, Michael leads the iconic C21®️ brand and its independently owned offices and sales professionals in 83 countries and territories worldwide. 


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