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Location, Details & Bringing Value in Luxury w/Lesli Akers, President of KW Luxury International

March 29, 2018

Some people think luxury is the same thing across all the markets, but it’s actually relative to the given marketplace. What are some of the biggest trends in the luxury market? How does location fit into the greater understanding of the market? How can you empower yourself with information in the luxury arena? On this episode, we are joined by someone who has their finger on pulse of luxury, the President of KW Luxury International, Lesli Akers who shares key insights and strategies.

You market the property, but you also have to position it correctly. -Lesli Akers


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Location depends on view and proximity to the most valuable assets of the area.
  • Go out into the market and see the details of new constructions such as the materials being used. It helps you understand the value of the homes.
  • You have to position the home accurately to get eyeball traffic.



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At the start of the show, Lesli shared on her background and how she became the President of luxury at KW. We talked about how luxury can be defined differently, and why you need to do a good job of documenting and articulating all the details of a property.

We also discussed:

  • Trends in the luxury space
  • How to tell the story of a home
  • How to succeed as a newer agent in luxury

One of the key factors in luxury real estate is your ability to tell the story of the home. When you’re a newer agent in this space, it’s so important for you to go out into the field and see the details of the home. Find out what’s being used to build and what can you learn, because there are many differences that affect the value of a property. Arming yourself with this knowledge will set you apart.


Guest Bio

Lesli is the President of KW Luxury International. As the Hall of Fame Team Leader of one of the world’s largest, most profitable real estate offices for nine years, Lesli Akers knows a few things about growth and adding value. Under her leadership, the Keller Williams DFW Southlake (Texas) market center grew to nearly 700 agents and consistently ranked among the company's top performers. She is passionate about teamwork and succeeding with and through others and exemplifying the core values of Keller Williams. Find her on LinkedIn