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How To Triple-End Deals w/Kevin Du Toit

April 5, 2017

So many agents depend on outside sources to bring them new clients - Zillow, Trulia, and many more. But what if you had your own way to uncover new clients by leveraging your existing buyer clients? Newport Beach-based Kevin Du Toit joins us to share this powerful strategy that’s working for him and the agents he mentors in the Yorba Linda area.

That’s when you own your business. You’re creating a whole new economy...That’s the promised land. - Kevin Du Toit

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Leverage your buyer clients to uncover new seller leads
  2. Build relationships with lender/vendor partners to help offset the time and capital it takes to generate new leads
  3. Always come from purpose and contribution when you’re prospecting

Kevin’s strategy starts by leveraging your existing buyer leads and using that authentic buyer lead to strategically target potential sellers. By partnering with title reps and a lender, he prospects a very small group of off-market properties to uncover opportunities. That starts the cycle of finding the first part of the triple-end deal.

We also shared insights on;

  • How to think strategically about prospecting
  • How to come from contribution and purpose when prospecting
  • Why leadership is crucial to building relationships with lender/vendor partners
  • How to repeat the triple-end deal cycle over and over again

Kevin’s strategy is both powerful and effective, but it requires leadership, purpose and strategic thinking. If you want to really own your business and create your own economy, you must build a system that doesn’t rely on anyone to generate your leads. So dig into this episode, take plenty of notes, and look at how you can apply this strategy today!

Guest Bio

Kevin Du Toit (do-twa) is a top-producing agent and now Assistant Team Leader at Keller Williams Anaheim Hills Yorba Linda office. He is a student of luxury with a love for architecture, fashions himself as an international super-connector and a real estate connoisseur. As a massive action taker, Du Toit has been involved in the mortgage industry and has direct access not only to direct lending but also excellent contacts in the private money arena. Connect with Kevin on Facebook and on the KW office website.