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How to Position Yourself in the Luxury & High-End Marketplace w/Erik Brown & Rod Watson

March 9, 2017

The high end market is always a buyer’s market because there’s so much inventory. How do agents get the edge on their competition for their homes to sell? What are the first things you can do in the market place to start attracting clients? How do books work as credibility indicators? On this episode, we discuss generating and converting high end leads with Erik Brown and Rod Watson.

 A book lends such credence to you as an expert. It gives us the ability to not be a commodity. -Erik Brown

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Create a luxury network group with other high-end service providers to get more referrals.
  2. 74% of agents have sold 10 or less houses.
  3. Internet based leads are effective but the nurture period is 6-12 months.

At the start of the show, Erik and Rod described their businesses and use of books as credibility indicators. Erik also shared on his shock and awe package, and his lead generation buckets. Next we talked about how Erik broke into the Beverley Hills market, and towards the end of the show, we went into detail about positioning yourself in your marketplace.

Erik and Rod also shared on;

  • Why luxury real estate is always a buyer’s market
  • How to use books within your greater content offering
  • Why internet based leads require patience
  • Tapping into the high-end market

Your goal in marketing yourself in luxury and high-end real estate is attracting business so you don’t have to chase it. It’s important to have credibility indicators in your content plan, listing package and mailing pieces. The existence of this content means people trust you more, and if this happens within a strong network group - you won’t only generate leads, but you can actually shorten the conversion period.

Guest Bios

Erik Brown

Author and Realtor Erik is outside the box and comically questions authority, but just as important, he is a determined and efficient professional. His thought provoking and detailed analysis of the home buying and selling process has earned him speaking engagements across the country. Every year, he and his agents work with hundreds of home buyers and sellers to fulfill their dream. Go to for more information, or follow @theerikbrown on Instagram.

Rod Watson

Rod and his team are trusted advisers and Realtors for a diverse mixture of San Diego sellers and buyers. Seeing a huge shift in the Southern California real estate market, they changed with the times and moved to the globally recognized brokerage, Teles Properties. Under the Teles brand, Rod and his team have the exclusive ability to market their listings to an afluent and international audience. Go to for more information or follow @RodWatson23 on Twitter and Instagram.