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How to Overcome Setbacks w/Jon Cheplak

October 10, 2019


As business leaders, we tend to think of setbacks as private issues that need to be separate from our work lives. Is it possible to stop personal setbacks and challenges from affecting our teams’ productivity? Do we need to add more systems to our businesses in order to combat individual fears?

On this episode, sought-after Real Estate speaker and coach, Jon Cheplak shares how we can overcome setbacks and turn them into positives.


Doubling down on your personal development is the solution to business growth. -Jon Cheplak


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Remember that human beings are flawed by nature, and we all experience setbacks. No matter how skilled we are in the science of business, every one of our team members has experiences that shape their daily lives. 

  • Stop adding layers of systems to our businesses. Instead, we need to dive deeper into our emotions to develop ourselves and our team members.

  • We need to embrace our past experiences. Without embracing our past, we can’t move forward.

At the start of the episode, we acknowledged that all people go through traumas in life. We talked about the way we deal with our past traumas and how it shapes our future behaviors and actions. To be successful and enable our teams to be successful, we need to embrace every part of ourselves, even the parts impacted by trauma.


We also shared insights on:

  • How emotions can be a choice
  • The importance of overcoming fear
  • Why gratitude is not a feeling, but an action


We’ve often been told our business and personal lives need to be separate, but that belief is unrealistic. Our personal lives influence the way we see the world, and no amount of effective business systems can combat the effects of traumas we’ve faced throughout our lives. We need to start looking deeper into ourselves, rather than add layers of systems that will only suffocate us further.


Jon Cheplak is the CEO of The Real Recruiter and a real estate broker/agent speaker, coach and consultant at Cheplak Live. He is widely respected as one of the most sought after real estate leadership and productivity coaches on the planet, and is passionate about helping people boost their productivity.

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