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How to Build Lucrative Cross-Market Referral Partnerships w/Tiffany McQuaid

November 21, 2019

How can we help clients relocate across states, or even abroad? Most agents tend to focus on their local spheres of influence, but as consumers become more mobile, we have to expand our brands into additional markets. Can we stay involved with clients as they move out of our markets? How can we attract referral partners for luxury consumers relocating to our own markets? On this episode, president of McQuaid & Company, Tiffany McQuaid, shares how to develop lucrative referral partnerships. 


As an industry, we get so focused on our spheres. Local clients should always be a priority, but keep in mind that people are becoming more mobile. -Tiffany McQuaid


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Build relationships with luxury specialists in other markets. Networking with other agents is vital and knowing the person we refer clients to adds an extra layer of trust.

  • When referring clients to partners in other markets, travel with them to meet their new agent. This allows us to maintain relationships, while giving clients a more seamless transition. 

  • Our partners want their clients in the best hands, so we have to offer referral clients additional assistance that helps make their relocation easier.

At the start of this episode, we explained that we have to be prepared in the event that our clients decide to relocate to new markets. We shared which networking events help us build relationships with agents in other markets, and spoke about how to build a stellar reputation that draws in referral partners and clients alike.

We also shared insights on:

  • The importance of specialization
  • How to elevate our services
  • Why high-class photographs and brochures are non-negotiable


Guest Bio

Tiffany McQuaid is the President at McQuaid & Company, a brokerage in Naples, Florida. Born and raised in Ohio, Tiffany has a background in marketing and promotions, and uses her experience to bring a unique approach to selling homes. Tiffany is globally recognized as a top producer in the real estate industry, and is passionate about maintaining her ‘boutique-style’ real estate firm, which prioritizes individual clients and their needs. 


To contact Tiffany, call her on 2392876308

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