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How to Build Confidence & Competence in Luxury Real Estate w/Dean Cottrill

October 3, 2018


The luxury client is the most demanding of all the client segments, and this can intimidate agents. How does boosting our competence actually contribute to our confidence? What are the 4 agent archetypes, and how can each one maximize their strengths? How does trust fit into how well we convert? On this episode, the president of the Brokerage Consulting Division at T3 Sixty, Dean Cottrill, shares the secret to success in luxury real estate, even for a new agent.


If new professionals can increase their competence, knowledge, and skills, that brings the confidence. -Dean Cottrill


Takeaways + Tactics

  • 4 agent archetypes: the networker, the marketer, the converter, and the prospector
  • Sales professionals should have at least 5 areas they are going to focus on to drive revenue to their business.
  • If you do something more than twice, you have to create a system for it.
  • Luxury consumers have the highest expectations, because they have experienced a high level of service and support.


To Learn More About The 4 Agent Archetypes, Click HERE.



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At the start of the show, Dean shared on the work T3 Sixty does and how good leaders want to simplify real estate for their people. Next, Dean broke down the 4 different types of agents and he also talked about why confidence and competence are so important. We also spoke about the importance of relying on data and market insights and not our own opinions or the opinions of our clients.

We also discussed:

  • How luxury consumers are different from other consumers
  • What sets top agents apart
  • How increasing confidence increase conversions


Luxury clients are used to a high level of service and support. If we want to appeal to them, we need to have a high level of confidence backed up by actual competence and knowledge. We have to create systems that allow us to duplicate our performance without reinventing the wheel. This results in more business, more referrals, and more confidence to know we can do a high level of business. That’s ultimately what separates top level agents from the rest.


Guest Bio

Dean is president of T3 Sixty’s Brokerage Consulting Division. In addition to helping brokers and their companies reach higher levels of success and profitability, he also leads the T3 Fellows program. He has over 20 years of hands-on leadership experience and has held several senior-level positions with real estate brokerage organizations including Long & Foster, Weichert Realtors and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (NRT), where he spent the last 10 years of his career. Go to for more information.

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