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How to Break into the Luxury Market as a Millennial w/Sarah Knauer

December 19, 2019

Getting into luxury real estate is not an easy task, and younger agents often have more difficulty making a name for themselves in that market. How can millennial agents become more knowledgeable on luxury terminology? How can we spend more time around potential clients, and what can we do to attract luxury buyers? 

On this episode, sales partner at Amalfi Estates, Sarah Knauer (27 years old), who is a $30 million + producer, shares how millennials can build a stellar reputation in the luxury market. 

Grow your knowledge and your confidence will grow. Spend time with team leaders to learn luxury market terminology and trends. -Michael LaFido


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Attend open houses with established agents. This exposes us to terminology, makes us more knowledgeable, and lets us introduce ourselves to high net worth potential clients. 

  • Build relationships with people in the luxury market by joining networking groups and social clubs alongside high-income people. 

  • Look the part. To be taken seriously by clients, we have to ensure we represent ourselves professionally.

At the start of this episode, we discussed some of the problems younger agents may have in the luxury market. We explained that building and nurturing long-term relationships is the key to building an effective sphere of influence, and shared how to initiate contact with high net worth individuals. 

We also shared insights on:

  • How to leverage our own spheres of influence
  • How to overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Why charity events are an effective way to build relationships and give back

Guest Bio

Sarah Knauer is a sales partner at Amalfi Estates. Having grown up with residential and commercial real estate owners as parents, Sarah has a lifelong passion for home and design. She obtained her real estate license while in her senior year at Pepperdine University, and is currently working on obtaining her broker’s license. 

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