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How to Attract More Opportunities by Leveraging Your Inventory w/Andrew Bloom

October 24, 2019

To build a name for ourselves in the luxury market, we need to do the work to attract great results, and that starts with the listings we have. How can we leverage our inventory to ensure potential clients know who we are? What happens if we don’t have any inventory of our own yet? How can offering a more hands-on experience at our open houses boost our chances of success?

On this episode, CEO and senior partner of BVO Luxury Group of Keller Williams Realty, Andrew Bloom, shares how we can make the most of our inventory and open houses. 


If you don’t have your own inventory, offer a free inventory update to your market. You can leverage listings other than your own. - Andrew Bloom


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • We should be showing the listings we’ve closed. By sharing the houses we’ve sold, we are giving proof of our great results.

  • If we don’t have inventory of our own, we can provide our client base with a record of other houses sold in the market. Doing so showcases our knowledge of market trends.

  • Offer visitors at open houses an opportunity to get involved by allowing them to give feedback.

At the start of the episode, we spoke about why it’s important to provide our clients with social proof. We then discussed how and when to market an open house to ensure we get the best results possible.

We also shared insights on:

  • How to attract more business into our lives
  • How to bring more awareness to our listings
  • Why open houses are still vital


To offer our clients unique value, we need to go above and beyond in both the service we offer them, as well as in our marketing. Use inventory to boost business and to bring attention to our listings. These don’t need to be our own listings; we can use other agents’ inventory, as long as we disclose that we did not sell them. By showing our results and our knowledgeability, we can promote ourselves as industry experts. Then, it’s up to us to offer unique open house experiences. The luxury market requires us to exceed all expectations, so playing safe is never an option. 


Andrew Bloom is the CEO and senior partner at BVO Luxury Group. He has sold over $1.5 billion in residential real estate, and runs the top real estate team in Arizona. His tremendous success led to him being awarded the ‘Circle of Legends’ award, a feat accomplished by less than 1% of Realtors across the globe. Andrew has a vast network in the community, which has contributed to his team’s positioning as the go-to team for CEOs, professional athletes and physicians.


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