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How Thinking Outside The Box Increases Traffic To Your Listings

May 30, 2019

We see the same pictures, the same angles, and the same mistakes being made in real estate marketing over and over again. How can agents make their property stand out from the rest? How can you use a property’s unique feature to make it memorable? What can we do to get a plain property noticed?

In this episode, Melissa Leonard who listed the "50 Shades" home and Kristin Gyldenege who showcased "fitness models" in her listing pictures talk about their creative ways of getting their listing noticed and how it increased traffic to their properties.

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Taking a risk is worthwhile if it gets someone to look at the house who would’ve never looked at it before. -Kristin Gyldenege


Takeaways & Tactics

In order for our property to stand out from the competition, we have to make it memorable to local buyers, people in the industry, and even the news and media. If there is something unique about a property, use it to your advantage.

Property launch is key. The first 7-14 days are crucial when you’re marketing a home. After that, there will naturally be less online inquiries and showings. From the start, you have to be priced correctly, and your photos have to be great.

Most buyers cannot visualize, and people are lazy by nature. They want to be able to move into a house and not do anything except unpack. We need to be aware of this when we market and show properties to potential buyers.


By stepping outside the box and getting creative with how we market our properties, we can significantly increase the traffic to them. Too many listings are done in the same old way with the same kinds of photos, and continuing to do so does not make your client’s listing stand out from the competition. By using elements that are unique to a property we can make a listing memorable not only to buyers, but to the media as well, and create a buzz around the property. It is our job to get as much traffic as possible to a listing, and we can do so by taking calculated risks and leveraging opportunities to our advantage.