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How One Agent Landed a $4 Million Dollar Listing Using Instagram w/Jason Cassity

September 12, 2019

Social media is a great platform for marketing and engagement. Is there any ‘right’ way to share content, and should we be tailoring that content specifically to each platform? What opportunities does the Stories feature on Instagram offer agents?

On this episode, owner of the Cassity Team, Jason Cassity shares how to use Instagram Stories for outstanding results.


Take advantage of Instagram Story advertisements now. They are cheaper than other platforms because there’s less competition in the feature at the moment. -Michael LaFido


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Don’t post for the sake of posting. We should aim to share engaging content that offers a personal look into our businesses. Quality over quantity is key.

  • Each social media network has its own language, so avoid sharing the same content across the board. Embrace Instagram Stories’ more relaxed atmosphere to engage with the audience.

  • Take advantage of Instagram Stories’ cheaper advertising rates now. Stories are a relatively untapped advertising space at the moment, so they’re a great place for us to market our brands without breaking the bank.

At the start of the episode, Jason Cassity explained that before we can start taking advantage of Instagram Stories, we need to have a foundation- that is, an Instagram account we post to regularly, with a well thought out bio. He then shared how to target specific areas with our advertisements.

We also shared insights on:

  • How to repurpose content effectively
  • How to attract bigger audiences
  • Why effective content relies more on art than science

In today’s world, a social media marketing strategy is non-negotiable if we want to build successful businesses. To ace the social media game, we need to be sharing engaging content and focusing on quality over quantity. Embrace each platform for its uniqueness and take advantage of the more untapped advertising options now, while they’re still easy to access.



Jason Cassity is the owner of the Cassity Team, based in San Diego. In 2017, he was named one of the “19+ Agents to Watch on Social Media” by the Inman Real Estate Blog. He’s also made appearances on San Diego’s “Favorite” list of Real Estate Agents in the San Diego Union Tribune and received a “Top Agent” Magazine Nomination. 

To find out more about Jason, find him on Instagram: @jason_cassity 

You can also call him directly on 619 800 6178 

To find out more about the Cassity Team, visit