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How Gary Gold Co-Listed & Sold the Playboy Mansion

March 22, 2017

Some agents have success, but it ends up working to their disadvantage. How do avoid resting on your laurels and getting lazy? What works in marketing luxury listings, and what comes across as too gimmicky? Why is it so important to be "in play" with your potential clients? On this episode, Gary Gold shares his insights on luxury marketing, and how he got the Playboy Mansion listing.

The good news is it’s really easy to get leads today, the bad news is it’s really easy to get leads today. - Gary Gold

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Drones are gimmicky, they don’t work with every single luxury listing. Sometimes footage will do nothing but show what’s bad about the property.
  2. The more you’re in play with people about real estate, and say meaningful things, the more money you make.
  3. This is a performance business, we get paid according to how well we execute each deal.


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At the start of the show Gary shared on how he got started, and how he ended up being the agent who sold the Playboy Mansion, he also shared on how he found very specific, very high value offers that helped him build relationships. We also discussed how he tracks his numbers with his own CRM, and towards the end of the show, he shared how he tells compelling stories on social media.

Gary also shared insights on;

  • His listing presentation strategy for high calibre clients
  • Why drone footage isn’t always a good idea
  • How he uses video
  • How to be strategic with your marketing content

Everyone in real estate is copying each other’s bad ideas, and sometimes they make the mistake of portraying things that don’t even look good, or showcase the best aspects of properties. The key to marketing is getting really strategic, and being sure you have something compelling to say. Ask yourself what interests the client and how you can bring them into the story. If you don’t resonate, all your content and tactics will just be noise.

Guest Bio:

Gary Gold is a marquee name in luxury real estate and his sale of The Playboy Mansion sets a record as the first residence to sell over $100,000,000 in Los Angeles. Gary is also one of its most successful trend setting agents. He’s an internationally recognized expert known for his creative use of technology, marketing and publicity to sell some of the finest homes in the world. Go to for more information or get in touch on Youtube or Facebook.

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