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The Power of Starting Over with Heidi Joy

May 5, 2022

Starting over again is not a cakewalk. It calls for humility and a lot of self-will in whatever you do. Today I’m joined by the amazing Heidi Joy. She’s a realtor with a fantastic story that we can all learn from.

Heidi has been in the industry for a couple of decades now. In 2018, she split with her partner, and she had to start all over again. Heidi’s rude awakening came when she searched her name on the web, and there was nothing about her. She decided it was time for a rebrand and move to sell luxury.

In this episode, Heidi will share her journey into luxury real estate, and hopefully, we can all get inspired to make the bold moves we’ve wanted to make for a while now, but we lack the courage. Listen and learn.


Everything now has to be done with joy. If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.” -Heidi Joy


Three Things You'll Learn in This Episode

  • Confidence is everything in this life:
    It's the fuel that keeps you going even when you feel like you are not good enough, especially in this business. 

  • There is power in asking:
    We often shy away from reaching out to people just because we feel something is personal or not worth sharing. Heidi believes in the power of asking because it has impacted her life positively. 

  • Starting over isn't easy, but it's worth it at the end of the day:
    There are times when we hit a dead end. The only option for us is to demolish everything and start all over again with a new sense of direction and energy. Once we do that, we find ourselves on the path to greatness. 

Guest Bio:
As CEO of her real estate team, Heidi Joy is a dedicated real estate professional, devoted to a full-time career in the Tampa Bay Area since 1998. In addition, she’s had the privilege of educating her real estate peers while earning awards and accolades.