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Hashtags & Drones: How To Sell Luxury Real Estate By Thinking Like a Marketer w/Beverly Hills Top Producer Rochelle Maize

May 11, 2017

A lot of agents rush the process of getting a property listed, and miss the opportunities to showcase it in its best light. Why is it so important to take your time and get it right? Why is differentiation so important in standing out in real estate? What’s the best course of action when a listing goes stale? On this episode, Rochelle Maize shares her insights on succeeding with luxury listings.

Remember a home is usually someone’s biggest asset. You want to do everything you can to get the best price for them. - Rochelle Maize


Takeaways + Tactics

Don’t think like a real estate agent, think like a marketer.

There’s a formula for selling a house successfully, whatever the price point.

You have one chance to make a first impression and it’s gotta be good, so don’t rush the listing process.



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 At the start of the show, Rochelle shared on how she got into real estate and we talked about the average sale price in her market. Next, we discussed why you need to think like a marketer, and how to present a property in the best way. Rochelle also shared on reviving a stale listing in a price driven market, and using hashtags.

Rochelle also shared insights on;

  • Why you shouldn’t rush the listing process
  • How she used food trucks to stand out
  • How to slow down and build rapport

If you want to own your market and really stand out - always look for a way to be different. When you have a property, do all you can to show it in its best light. What you put out there always comes back. Rapport is an important step, so slow down and build it because people don’t care about how much you know till they know how much you care. The formula for selling a house is the same at whatever price point, but everything starts with your relationship with the client.

Guest Bio

In the competitive Los Angeles real estate industry, Rochelle Maize truly stands apart as a financially savvy, intelligent, and people-oriented professional. Rochelle came into real estate after a 15-year career in wealth management. As Vice President of a well-known investment firm in Beverly Hills, Rochelle advised many high-net-worth clients, helping them with their investment needs. When Rochelle came to look for a new challenge, real estate piqued her interest. An investor herself, she already had years of experience buying and developing properties. After receiving her license, Rochelle found that transitioning into the industry was relatively easy for her. Starting with just family and friends, her business quickly grew. Go to for more information.

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