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Enhance your client’s experience through standardization w/Sam DeBord

August 14, 2020

There are so many platforms designed to help agents list properties, but often those systems don’t communicate with each other. This means agents end up working harder than they should in the back end.

Having systems in place is meant to help businesses run more smoothly. If a system is too complex or isolated, it creates bottlenecks which impacts efficiency in our business. It’s crucial that all the platforms and platforms we use work well together.

How does standardization make the process of listing properties easier for agents? How does it benefit our clients?

In this episode, CEO of the Real Estate Standards Organization, Sam DeBord joins me to discuss the benefits of open standards in real estate technology. 



There is so much real estate technology available to agents, but most of those systems don't speak the same language. The Real Estate Standards Organization exists to create efficiencies for agents. -Sam DeBord


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to reduce time wasted 
    With a more systemized approach to listing, we limit the amount of work needed to be done on the back end. This allows agents to spend more time with their clients and create a better experience for them. 
  • How to eliminate confusion
    Having a uniform understanding of what certain listings mean (like ‘Coming Soon’ listings) takes out the guesswork for agents. 
  • The importance of accessibility  
    When agents don’t know how to answer a client’s questions about a property, we come across as unprofessional. Having the information available makes it easier to stay professional and ensure the client gets the best property for their needs. 

Guest Bio

Sam DeBord is the CEO of Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). He has spent over twenty years in the real estate industry, having experience in real estate brokerages, mortgage lending, and technology consulting. Sam has also served as President’s Liaison for MLS and Data Management with the National Association of REALTORS® and on the board of directors for NAR, Second Century Ventures, and California Regional MLS.


Sam is also a recognized real estate industry writer for publications including REALTOR® Magazine, Inman News, and the Axiom Business Books Award-Winning Swanepoel Trends Report.


To find out more about Sam and RESO, head to: