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Dream Big with Ashley Tate

April 21, 2022

How big do you dream?

Do you believe you need tons of experience to make a jump from selling average-priced homes to $7 million mansions?

Meet Ashley Tate. She’s with Thrive Real Estate Group. Ashley and I met in January. She attended our Luxury Designation (LUXE) class that we had out in the Denver market, and we toured a couple of mansions as a part of that class. One of those mansions was her listing.

Ashley has been in the industry for a year and a half. She’s never had a listing above $500,000, and now she's marketing a home for 6.95 million. 

She will be telling us how she got to that point and sharing some nuggets of wisdom that have helped her come this far. 

Listen in and learn.


Definitely pick up your phone in this business.”-Ashley Tate


Three Things You'll Learn:

• Dream big:
Be open to suggestions and/or constructive feedback. Don’t hold yourself back. Always know that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to.

• Refine your network:
When it comes to networking, always associate yourself with people who are better than you and have been in the industry longer than you. 

• Leverage video marketing:
Never underestimate the power of video marketing. It can be the source of some great feedback and connections. 


Guest Bio: 
Ashley Tate is a graduate of CU, Boulder. Prior to getting into real estate, she's worked in customer service, retention, team training, internal & external communication, client/vendor relations, and leadership roles. 

Connect with Ashley:
Phone: 720-236-5762