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Creative Financing in Luxury Real Estate w/Frank Aazami

August 3, 2017

High end and luxury markets are usually buyer’s markets, so tactics like creative financing come in handy. How can you use the power of creative owner financing to help your clients? How can asset management play a valuable role in luxury real estate, and how do you make sure you’re an asset to your clients? On this episode, luxury agent Frank Aazami shares his keys to success.

Once you become an expense and not an asset for a client, you’re worthless. -Frank Aazami

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Auctions bring attention and momentum to a property. All sales are based on momentum.
  • Build your expertise in creative financing - instead of the bank being the lender, the seller is the lender.
  • Find your leading edge - a unique way you bring value to your clients.

At the start of the show, Frank shared how his company marries deals and leverages other assets his clients have. He also explained his creative marketing methods and how the seller can become the lender. Next, we talked about elevating your game and getting more market share.

Frank also shared on:

  • How to create urgency in a buyer’s market
  • Momentum and real estate
  • Creative financing in upper level high end homes

The hardest thing is to get up in the morning, dress up like a professional, know what you’re doing, know the inventory and connect with people that are agents in other markets. What truly makes a different is giving yourself a leading edge. Luxury markets usually have a high amount of inventory, so creative financing is one way to give homes more appeal. This can elevate your game and get you more market share.

Guest Bio

Frank Aazami, along with his distinguished entrepreneurship Private Client Group, has proven the ability to plan, negotiate and manage clients' Real Estate invested assets.  Frank's background includes marketing a Top 40 Radio Station, developing a successful fast food franchise concept, owning a handful of retail stores and selling over 20 franchisees. He invested, developed and managed a portfolio of mix-use and multifamily holdings for close to 10 years before practicing as a Realtor at Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty. To get in touch, call 480-266-0240 or

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