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Conquering the International Market with Peter Kempf

December 30, 2021

Do you have an interest in the international market, but you have no idea how to spread your wings? This episode is for you! My guest and I will be talking about conquering the international market.

Today, I have Peter Kempf joining me on the show. He’s noted by Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, and he’s been directly involved with the sale and marketing of million-dollar-plus properties in thirty-one states, and twenty-two countries in his career.

Having been the Director of International Real Estate for Christie’s, Vice President, and Midwest Regional Manager for Sotheby’s International Realty, Mr. Kempf is considered one of the leading authorities in international real estate. He’s a frequent guest speaker at global real estate conferences.

Listen and learn.


Connect with Peter Kempf:



When you want to grow your presence internationally, and you want to get in front of both more buyers and agents internationally, you need to put yourself out there in various ways.” – Michael LaFido

Things You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • Building a relationship with brokers in other countries:
    It would help if you introduce yourself to brokers you are eyeing. You can have listings online and in print. Also, go to conferences these people are present, build up your network, get involved in social media, and become friends with brokers in other countries. 

  • Use Social Media: 
    Social media offers an excellent platform to market yourself to your target audience and connect with them.

  • Co-marketing and co-listing a property outside the US: 
    In whatever country you want to expand to, find licensed agents for that market and reach out to them.


Guest Bio:
Peter Kempf has unmatched experience and expertise in the luxury segment of the luxury Private Residence Club (PRC) industry worldwide. Having served as Vice President and Midwest Regional Director for Sotheby's International Real Estate, Director of International Real Estate for Christie's Great Estates, and CEO-Europe for DCP International, Peter is one of the most experienced individuals in the luxury international real estate market.