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Burning Boats to Follow your Dreams with Jamie Tulak

June 16, 2022

Do you believe in your dreams so much that you’d be willing to "burn the boat" and leave everything behind to chase them?

Meet Jamie Taluk. Jamie and her family left behind everything they had in California and moved to North Carolina to start from scratch. According to Jamie, they had planned for the relocation for over a year, and it took a lot of prayers, faith, and hard work. 

When they moved to North Carolina, Jamie had a plan to execute. She had no database, but she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she started flourishing again with her digital marketing skills. She joined a brokerage that gave her the freedom to brand herself in whatever way she felt was right with her. Within a year, Jamie was among the top-rated agents.

Besides being in the real estate real, Jamie has a passion project called Girls with Grit, where they encourage and help women build their businesses. She co-founded the group with Tara McCarthy and Lauren Rocco.

In this episode, Jamie will share with us some digital marketing tips and some golden nuggets that we can apply in our businesses. Listen and learn. 

"The problem is that too many agents, whether they’re new or trying to grow their business, think that if they speak to everyone, they will get more business, and that’s the opposite." -Jamie Tulak


Things You'll Learn from this Episode

  • All clients should be treated the same:
    It doesn’t matter how much they bring to the table; your high-level and low-level clients should receive the same services.
  • Get a niche: When it comes to digital marketing, having a niche is essential. There is money in specialization. 
  • A confused mind will never buy: You should be crystal clear for your audience to understand.
  • Always come from a place of value:
    Be willing to give before you receive.  


Guest Bio: 
Jamie has been a top-producing agent for the last 12 years. In addition, she stages homes and has a background in interior design. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from Fresno State. She is also one of the co-founders of "Girls with Grit Collective" to support women in real estate. 

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