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Building International Relationships with Agents and Buyers w/Lynda Fernandez

August 5, 2019

The international community offers so many opportunities for agents in the luxury market. How can you catch the attention of buyers outside North America? What should you avoid doing if you want to make a great impression? On this episode, Lynda Fernandez, Chief of Communications and International Business Development at the Miami Association of Realtors, shares how we can gain an international following.



If you’re in the luxury market, targeting internationals is a good idea.- Lynda Fernandez


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Focus on building good relationships with international buyers. If we have a solid foundation and deliver on our promises, these buyers will be more likely to refer us to other people in their circles.

  • We have to be easily contacted by our international clients. Whatsapp is critical for this. If we’re focused on Asian markets, WeChat is also vital.

  • Pay attention to international cultures. While research is important in this area, we also have to make sure we’re also listening to what the buyer says. We have to be respectful of their wants and needs.

At the start of the episode, we shared that one of the most common questions asked by agents in the luxury market revolves around international buyers. We explained how technology can be used to help research international buying trends. We then spoke about the importance of follow-through in communication.


We also shared insights on:

  • Adopting a more international approach to business
  • Leaving politics aside
  • Why international buyers should be your target

To do business with the international community, good communication is key. Luckily, thanks to social media and technology, that doesn’t need to be difficult. We can use the platforms to our advantage and ensure we follow through with contact. As an agent, we want to build relationships with our clients. Doing that with the international community doesn’t have to be daunting. Just remember to pay attention to the cultural differences.



Lynda Fernandez is the Chief of Communications and International at the Miami Association of Realtors. Lynda strongly believes in the importance of public relations when dealing with clients, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications from Florida International University. She is also the recipient of a Master of Accounting from Florida Atlantic University.

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