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Seven Keys to Create a Consistent Luxury Experience with Brennan Buckley

April 7, 2022

Chances are, there are luxury agents in your area who have an excellent reputation. You hear about them all the time. They’re the agents people rave about and recommend. They attract leads and referrals, largely due to their reputations. They get hired consistently. 

If you’re not one already, wouldn’t you want to be an agent like that?

It would be best if you listened to these nuggets of wisdom that Brennan Buckley is about to spill. I’ve known Brennan for a little over a year now. He’s the founding partner for Realm Global. He comes with 20 years of experience in real estate. Listen to this episode to learn about the seven nuggets of wisdom to create a consistent luxury experience.

When you can make a connection with a buyer or a seller at their level, it shows how diligent you’ll be when you market their home and make a connection of their property.” - Brennan Buckley

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Educate yourself:
    Education is a crucial component of your growth.
  • Your peer group makes a huge difference:
    It would help if you were around peers that will help you get there. The people around you determine how far you will go.
  • Join luxury spheres:
    If you want to join the luxury world, consider joining things like country clubs. That’s where you’ll find your target audience.
  • Find a niche:
    Specialists get wealthy, while generalists get paid.
  • Do your homework:
    Know your area and everything that happens there, and do not forget to do your homework on the people you’ll be working with. It will make you stand out.
  • Partnerships:
    Many clients in the luxury world are wealthy businesspeople, and their main aim is to build relationships and partnerships. Always strive to find a way of becoming a partner to your client.
  • Afterward:
    People say that first impressions last, but according to Brennan, afterward impressions last an eternity and help build relationships.


Guest Bio:
Brennan Buckley is a Founding Partner of REALM Global, a new real estate collective made up of elite luxury professionals across the country. Before joining REALM, Brennan spent 15 years at Iowa Realty, Iowa’s Largest real estate company, where he served for several years as President. At age 33, he was named to The Des Moines Business Record’s Class of “40 Under Forty” business leaders. 

Connect with Brennan Buckley:

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