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Best Practices for Agents in the Luxury Market w/Anthony Hitt

May 16, 2019

In a space where we are constantly surrounded by noise and options, agents need to be able to cut through that noise by providing high value service to clients. It is especially important to be able to do this in the luxury market. How can we continue to deliver a luxury experience? Where is the luxury market sitting today? What best practices should agents be using?

In this episode, CEO of Engel & Volkers, Anthony Hitt, explains some of the best practices that top luxury listing agents are using to further their success in the climate of today’s industry.



We’re providing a much higher level of service than we have probably ever provided as an industry, and we’re continuing to go in that direction. -Anthony Hitt


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Clients who want a luxury experience sit at every price point, and we need to deliver that experience to make successful transactions.

  • In an age where we’re constantly being inundated with the noise that elements like technology bring, we have to provide a higher and higher level of service. If we don’t, we won’t be amongst those who survive and thrive in our industry.

  • In order to articulate your value proposition properly, you need to be using four best practices. These are attracting the best talent, constantly learning and training, collaborating with your network of fellow agents, and taking action on the data you have.


We also shared insights on:

  • Delivering a luxury experience at every price point
  • Why high-level service is vital today
  • What we need to articulate our value proposition


Agents in the luxury market have to continuously provide a higher level of service for their discerning clientele. Today, discerning clientele stretch across all price points, and we need to be able to deliver a luxury experience across the board. By attracting the best talent, consistently learning and training, collaborating with our network of fellow agents, and taking action on the data we have to drive successful sales, we can set ourselves up for success in our industry and really add value.


Guest bio

Anthony Hitt is the CEO of Engel & Volkers Americas since January 2014. Engel & Volkers is known as the leading destination for highly selective real estate service with unique, international accessibility and looks to Anthony’s leadership for its continued growth and success. The company now has almost 150 shops and close to 3000 real estate advisors spanning the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a top-producing agent for many years, Anthony was continually acknowledged for his business acumen and commitment to customer satisfaction by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. Drawing from his experience – and from his success managing his own record-setting team of twelve real estate professionals under the Anthony Hitt banner – Anthony established a training course for other agents to raise the bar for superior performance in the industry. Anthony credits his business and real estate success to his philosophy of providing exceptionally personal customer service and constantly implementing the most up-to-date systems for efficiency and comprehensive service. He has authored several books to share his advice for success in business and in life with others, including "Essentials of Personal Achievement", "Taking Charge", and "Positive Impressions."