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Transitioning to Luxury with Amit Bhuta

November 17, 2022
Would you like to transition to luxury listings and buyers but need help figuring out where to start? This episode is for you.  Amit Bhuta joins me on the show to share how he took his business a notch higher to now doing 80% luxury.

According to Amit, confidence is essential to have before making the transition. Also, you have to visit the luxury houses before taking clients for viewing so that you'll be relaxed when you view the property for the first time with the clients.

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"If you're nice to people and genuinely compliment them, you're going to create friendships, and it helps a lot." -Amit Bhuta

Three Things You'll Learn from the Episode

  • Confidence is an essential tool when it comes to transitioning. If you're confident, buyers will trust you.

  • If you're targeting a particular market, look for the agents who sell in that area, and befriend them genuinely, as they may have a listing of what's coming up.

  • People are moving because they want to, not just because they have to. Your job is to find the why and a perfect way of centering your pitch around that. 

Guest Bio: 
Amit was born in India but has lived in South Florida for over 40 years. He came from a background in sales management that led him to transition into real estate 16 years ago. His professional reputation has awarded him a large referral and resource network that stretches around the globe.

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