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150 Episodes Strong: A Look Back At My Favorite Episodes & Takeaways

July 22, 2021

This week brings a major milestone for the Luxury Listing Specialist - we’ve published 150 episodes. Can you believe it? Thank you, everyone, for tuning in and sharing with your friends!

It was a year ago when we launched our 100th episode. And what a year it’s been. The pandemic brought about many changes in housing and lifestyle needs. The luxury real estate market is still hot. The average home sale price has gone up across the country. Even houses that languished on the market for months are selling.

So to mark the occasion, rather than looking back at all 150 episodes, I’m just going to focus on episodes 101 to 150. My favorite episodes, takeaways, and how-tos the industry experts have offered real estate agents over the past year.


In this industry, it’s easy to get dragged down...whether it’s from the competition, a difficult client, or just life in general. We need to continue to build each other up and build ourselves up.” -Michael Lafido


                                            Three Things You’ll Learn

- Environment begets mindset:
Environments shape mindsets. The people we interact with - at home, at work, and in other organizations influence mindsets. Approach difficult tasks first... “Eat the frog” - it’s an old military saying that means do the difficult stuff first. 

- The importance of getting involved:
If you are not part of any associations, I highly recommend getting involved with one. Not only from a networking standpoint, but also from a referral standpoint. 

- The importance of empathy:
Buying or selling a home is stressful. Moving is stressful. Be empathetic to your buyers and sellers. It will make your client’s experience better and will help you earn more referrals. 


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