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100th episode - A Look Back At Best Episodes, Ah-Ha’s & Takeaways

July 24, 2020

For the past 3 years, the Luxury Listing Specialist Podcast has given listeners access to top real estate professionals in the luxury space. From advice on how to enter the market to how to expand internationally, we’ve strived to be the go-to platform for expert information.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the market since we first launched. Have the best practices shared in our past 99 episodes stood the test of time? 

In light of all the changes in our industry, what does the future of the luxury market look like, and how can we continue to serve it?

In this 100th episode special, I’m looking back on some of the top information we’ve learned since launching in 2017.



The more knowledgeable you are, the more confident you become, and the easier it is to get out of your comfort zone. -Michael LaFido



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


  • High net worth clients have high expectations. Create experiences that make the transaction process memorable for all the right reasons. 

  • We’re not in the business of twisting people’s arms. Never go into an appointment asking for a listing. Show clients we’re the obvious choice by offering stellar service. 

  • High net worth consumers don’t only work with experienced agents. As long as we’re armed with the right information, we can break into the market.