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The Secrets of Luxury Real Estate Auctions w/Chad Roffers

The fundamentals of luxury real estate haven’t changed since 2008. What are the statistics that remain the same across the country? How does the auction model fit in with luxury real estate sales? On this episode, we talk to the Founder of Concierge Auctions, Chad Roffers. He shares with us the importance of setting the right expectations and how to build and grow profitable relationships.


Buyer expectations are just as important as seller expectations. - Chad Roffers

Takeaways + Tactics

1. Across the country, 25 -35% of luxury listings sell quickly, for +90% a list.

2. If you hit 90 days without a sell, the right move isn’t price reduction but pools of demand.

3. The ideal luxury seller profile: someone who values time as much as money.


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At the start of the show, Chad shared on his company and what he has learned about the luxury market. He also shared on why the results are better when his team partners with local brokers and what people get wrong when a listing isn’t selling. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of setting a standard with that first transaction.

Chad also shared insights on;

  • The ideal seller profile
  • How to position the asset and expand the pool of buyers
  • The fee structure his team uses
  • The importance of setting expectations

When a piece of property isn’t selling, you solve this issue with how you position the asset, and expand the pool of buyers. It’s important to remember that buyer expectations are just as important as seller expectations. The key to winning in this market is being pro-agent, and when you have that successful first transaction with a broker in a given market, you can create the path for even more success. Setting expectations is paramount.

Guest Bio

Chad Roffers is an entrepreneur who has overseen the successful sale of more than $1 billion in real estate worldwide. As the managing director and chairman of international luxury real estate company Concierge Auctions, Roffers draws on his background in online advertising, negotiation and real estate sales to manage the selection and marketing of auction properties spanning the globe. Go to for more information.

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“Michael LaFido has developed a blueprint for success that gives both Realtors and broker owners a turn-key system to dominate listing and selling luxury homes in ANY market.”

-Chad Roffers, Chairman & Managing Director of Concierge Auctions



Hashtags & Drones: How To Sell Luxury Real Estate By Thinking Like a Marketer w/Beverly Hills Top Producer Rochelle Maize

A lot of agents rush the process of getting a property listed, and miss the opportunities to showcase it in its best light. Why is it so important to take your time and get it right? Why is differentiation so important in standing out in real estate? What’s the best course of action when a listing goes stale? On this episode, Rochelle Maize shares her insights on succeeding with luxury listings.

Remember a home is usually someone’s biggest asset. You want to do everything you can to get the best price for them. - Rochelle Maize


Takeaways + Tactics

Don’t think like a real estate agent, think like a marketer.

There’s a formula for selling a house successfully, whatever the price point.

You have one chance to make a first impression and it’s gotta be good, so don’t rush the listing process.



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 At the start of the show, Rochelle shared on how she got into real estate and we talked about the average sale price in her market. Next, we discussed why you need to think like a marketer, and how to present a property in the best way. Rochelle also shared on reviving a stale listing in a price driven market, and using hashtags.

Rochelle also shared insights on;

  • Why you shouldn’t rush the listing process
  • How she used food trucks to stand out
  • How to slow down and build rapport

If you want to own your market and really stand out - always look for a way to be different. When you have a property, do all you can to show it in its best light. What you put out there always comes back. Rapport is an important step, so slow down and build it because people don’t care about how much you know till they know how much you care. The formula for selling a house is the same at whatever price point, but everything starts with your relationship with the client.

Guest Bio

In the competitive Los Angeles real estate industry, Rochelle Maize truly stands apart as a financially savvy, intelligent, and people-oriented professional. Rochelle came into real estate after a 15-year career in wealth management. As Vice President of a well-known investment firm in Beverly Hills, Rochelle advised many high-net-worth clients, helping them with their investment needs. When Rochelle came to look for a new challenge, real estate piqued her interest. An investor herself, she already had years of experience buying and developing properties. After receiving her license, Rochelle found that transitioning into the industry was relatively easy for her. Starting with just family and friends, her business quickly grew. Go to for more information.

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How To Triple-End Deals w/Kevin Du Toit

So many agents depend on outside sources to bring them new clients - Zillow, Trulia, and many more. But what if you had your own way to uncover new clients by leveraging your existing buyer clients? Newport Beach-based Kevin Du Toit joins us to share this powerful strategy that’s working for him and the agents he mentors in the Yorba Linda area.

That’s when you own your business. You’re creating a whole new economy...That’s the promised land. - Kevin Du Toit

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Leverage your buyer clients to uncover new seller leads
  2. Build relationships with lender/vendor partners to help offset the time and capital it takes to generate new leads
  3. Always come from purpose and contribution when you’re prospecting

Kevin’s strategy starts by leveraging your existing buyer leads and using that authentic buyer lead to strategically target potential sellers. By partnering with title reps and a lender, he prospects a very small group of off-market properties to uncover opportunities. That starts the cycle of finding the first part of the triple-end deal.

We also shared insights on;

  • How to think strategically about prospecting
  • How to come from contribution and purpose when prospecting
  • Why leadership is crucial to building relationships with lender/vendor partners
  • How to repeat the triple-end deal cycle over and over again

Kevin’s strategy is both powerful and effective, but it requires leadership, purpose and strategic thinking. If you want to really own your business and create your own economy, you must build a system that doesn’t rely on anyone to generate your leads. So dig into this episode, take plenty of notes, and look at how you can apply this strategy today!

Guest Bio

Kevin Du Toit (do-twa) is a top-producing agent and now Assistant Team Leader at Keller Williams Anaheim Hills Yorba Linda office. He is a student of luxury with a love for architecture, fashions himself as an international super-connector and a real estate connoisseur. As a massive action taker, Du Toit has been involved in the mortgage industry and has direct access not only to direct lending but also excellent contacts in the private money arena. Connect with Kevin on Facebook and on the KW office website.


How Gary Gold Co-Listed & Sold the Playboy Mansion

Some agents have success, but it ends up working to their disadvantage. How do avoid resting on your laurels and getting lazy? What works in marketing luxury listings, and what comes across as too gimmicky? Why is it so important to be "in play" with your potential clients? On this episode, Gary Gold shares his insights on luxury marketing, and how he got the Playboy Mansion listing.

The good news is it’s really easy to get leads today, the bad news is it’s really easy to get leads today. - Gary Gold

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Drones are gimmicky, they don’t work with every single luxury listing. Sometimes footage will do nothing but show what’s bad about the property.
  2. The more you’re in play with people about real estate, and say meaningful things, the more money you make.
  3. This is a performance business, we get paid according to how well we execute each deal.


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At the start of the show Gary shared on how he got started, and how he ended up being the agent who sold the Playboy Mansion, he also shared on how he found very specific, very high value offers that helped him build relationships. We also discussed how he tracks his numbers with his own CRM, and towards the end of the show, he shared how he tells compelling stories on social media.

Gary also shared insights on;

  • His listing presentation strategy for high calibre clients
  • Why drone footage isn’t always a good idea
  • How he uses video
  • How to be strategic with your marketing content

Everyone in real estate is copying each other’s bad ideas, and sometimes they make the mistake of portraying things that don’t even look good, or showcase the best aspects of properties. The key to marketing is getting really strategic, and being sure you have something compelling to say. Ask yourself what interests the client and how you can bring them into the story. If you don’t resonate, all your content and tactics will just be noise.

Guest Bio:

Gary Gold is a marquee name in luxury real estate and his sale of The Playboy Mansion sets a record as the first residence to sell over $100,000,000 in Los Angeles. Gary is also one of its most successful trend setting agents. He’s an internationally recognized expert known for his creative use of technology, marketing and publicity to sell some of the finest homes in the world. Go to for more information or get in touch on Youtube or Facebook.

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How to Position Yourself in the Luxury & High-End Marketplace w/Erik Brown & Rod Watson

The high end market is always a buyer’s market because there’s so much inventory. How do agents get the edge on their competition for their homes to sell? What are the first things you can do in the market place to start attracting clients? How do books work as credibility indicators? On this episode, we discuss generating and converting high end leads with Erik Brown and Rod Watson.

 A book lends such credence to you as an expert. It gives us the ability to not be a commodity. -Erik Brown

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Create a luxury network group with other high-end service providers to get more referrals.
  2. 74% of agents have sold 10 or less houses.
  3. Internet based leads are effective but the nurture period is 6-12 months.

At the start of the show, Erik and Rod described their businesses and use of books as credibility indicators. Erik also shared on his shock and awe package, and his lead generation buckets. Next we talked about how Erik broke into the Beverley Hills market, and towards the end of the show, we went into detail about positioning yourself in your marketplace.

Erik and Rod also shared on;

  • Why luxury real estate is always a buyer’s market
  • How to use books within your greater content offering
  • Why internet based leads require patience
  • Tapping into the high-end market

Your goal in marketing yourself in luxury and high-end real estate is attracting business so you don’t have to chase it. It’s important to have credibility indicators in your content plan, listing package and mailing pieces. The existence of this content means people trust you more, and if this happens within a strong network group - you won’t only generate leads, but you can actually shorten the conversion period.

Guest Bios

Erik Brown

Author and Realtor Erik is outside the box and comically questions authority, but just as important, he is a determined and efficient professional. His thought provoking and detailed analysis of the home buying and selling process has earned him speaking engagements across the country. Every year, he and his agents work with hundreds of home buyers and sellers to fulfill their dream. Go to for more information, or follow @theerikbrown on Instagram.

Rod Watson

Rod and his team are trusted advisers and Realtors for a diverse mixture of San Diego sellers and buyers. Seeing a huge shift in the Southern California real estate market, they changed with the times and moved to the globally recognized brokerage, Teles Properties. Under the Teles brand, Rod and his team have the exclusive ability to market their listings to an afluent and international audience. Go to for more information or follow @RodWatson23 on Twitter and Instagram.


Breaking into the Luxury Market How to Get that First Luxury Listing with Patrick Lilly

Selling high end and real estate is one thing, but how do you break into the luxury market?  We asked Manhattan broker Patrick Lilly to share the secrets of making the transition and becoming known as a luxury agent in your market.  Patrick breaks down the steps of obtaining your first luxury listing through Expired prospecting and how to maintain a listing without repeating mistakes made by a prior listing agent. Discretion must be used and trust must be earned to run in this circle.

Go for the long-term relationship once you get in a high-end circle.  -Patrick Lilly

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Consider the seller’s emotions when taking an Expired listing, but don’t make the same mistakes as the prior listing agent just to have a listing.
  2. Be “over the top” and set yourself apart from other agents you’re competing against.
  3. Find an area of expertise and capitalize on that with a flawless track record.
  4. The psychology of high-end sellers is much different than other sellers.  Be knowledgeable of the personality you are working for.

Patrick shared stories of how his tactics have proven effective, from his decision to prospect Expired listings and his minimum home value for a luxury Expired, to the simple (but classy) gift he sends to set himself apart from other agents.

Patrick also shared insight on:

  • How to work the press to publicize your listings
  • How to increase profit and decrease the number of hours worked
  • How to raise your average sales price point
  • Specific steps to take to become a respected luxury agent
  • How to market specifically for luxury real estate using emotionally driven video
  • Using discretion and tactics for selling homes of well-known public figures

If you want to work less and make the same amount of commission (or even more), you must raise your average sales price.  Luxury and high-end real estate is the answer. Don’t be afraid to bring in a co-listing agent to break into the market and gain trust.  Sellers want agents who have experience in their price range. And high-end buyers aren’t sold on a home’s pictures, address, or stats.  Instead, focus on enticing through emotional connection using the press as much as possible for marketing.

Guest Bio

Patrick Lilly works with CORE Brokerage out of Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Over his 32 years in real estate he has sold over 1000 homes and over $1 billion in real estate.  He has branded himself as “the townhouse specialist.”   Patrick's team is consistently ranked as one of the Wall Street Journal's top 250 teams in the nation. Visit for more information on Patrick’s real estate team.  His blog and personal site is and for more information about his upcoming conference appearance visit

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The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Selling High-End Homes

Most agents will tell you the high-end market is impossible to get into unless you’re at a certain level. This is a huge misconception. What else do we get wrong about the luxury market, and how do you overcome these limiting beliefs? On this episode we share 5 key misconceptions of luxury listings, and how to prime yourself for opportunities.

This business is all about likability, trust, and how you position yourself. -Mike LaFido

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Higher end homes are double the average price in any given market, and luxury homes are 3 times the average price.
  2. A lot of people think you personally have to be hyper-local to sell in the luxury market, but your mindset should be “have car, will travel.”
  3. You don’t have to drive a fancy, expensive car to appeal to luxury clients. You just have to drive something presentable.

At the start of the show, we jumped right into the limiting beliefs agents have about the luxury market. We talked about thinking you have to be a top producer or wealthy to get into the market. We also discussed the misconception that you also have to live in a luxury home to appeal to clients. Towards the end of the show we discussed the Chicago market.

We also shared insights on:

  • How the business is more about trust than it is about years of experience
  • Why you don’t have to be with a well-known luxury brand to sell high-end
  • The misconception of thinking luxury homes don’t sell
  • 3 ways to double your real estate income
  • How to differentiate yourself in the actual listing appointment

If you want to double your income, you have three options. Sell more homes or increase your charges. Thirdly, you can raise the average price of what you sell, and that can be achieved by taking on some high-end or luxury listings. What holds agents back from this isn’t a fancy home, a Ferrari, a big brand or experience. They are held back by limiting beliefs based on misconceptions. Overcoming them comes down to changing mindset, and seeing opportunities where others see no-go areas.

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