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We Have an Exciting Offer for You

We believe the best way to show your credibility is to be the author of a book. Through our Luxury Rockstar Package, you’ll be featured on the cover of your very own book—a book you don’t even need to write! We’ve already written it, but we’d like to share it with you to help you stand out amongst the competition as a published author in real estate.

How We Helped Kirk Secure His First Trophy Listing ($1.9M)

Any agent taking their first step into the luxury market should see their first listing as an opportunity & ‘trophy listing’. However, it can be an anxiety-inducing experience breaking into the market when you have no experience in the luxury homes or high-end markets.

How can we land our first trophy listings and how can we be honest about your lack of experience in the market, without scaring potential clients away? 

In the luxury market, it’s vital agents look the part and exude confidence, so to make a name for yourself in the space, you have to leverage whatever you can, and make sure you’re as knowledgeable as possible on every step of the transaction process.

In this episode, you'll hear a coaching call with eXp Realtor Kirk Brown, an experienced real estate looking to enter the luxury market with a $1.9m upcoming listing appointment. 


 When you have an opportunity to market a trophy listing, you want to have all hands on deck to sell it and leverage that property to attract future opportunities. -Michael LaFido

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Standing out by pre-selling ourselves 
    We always have to be mindful that our potential client is talking to a few other agents. To stand out from the rest, we can pre-sell ourselves by offering value before we even enter our first listing appointment.
  • Why presentation matters 
    When arriving at the first appointment, look the part. We are being watched from the moment we step out of the car, so be sure to exude confidence.
  • How to gain trust and build rapport 
    Be tactful but honest. If we feel there are deficiencies that could slow down a sale, we have to point them out- but remind the seller our advice is based on market research.


Guest Bio
Kirk Brown is a Realtor at EXP Realty in the Lafayette, Louisiana Area. Kirk has 25 years of experience in sales, management and business building. He is passionate about real estate, and loves any opportunity to help people sell their existing houses and buy their dream homes.

To find out more about Kirk, head to:

Value Propositions

Why should someone hire you versus the competition? If you’ve never asked yourself that question before, you need to start today, because the answer will lead you to today’s topic: developing a unique value proposition. A unique value proposition is a simple, concise statement that explains why someone should hire you instead of the competition.

How to Make a Name For Yourself in a New Market w/Maria Afzal

Starting fresh in a new market can be a daunting experience for agents, and making a name for ourselves can be incredibly difficult when we don’t have a database. How can we establish ourselves as successful agents when we’re new to an area- and what can we do to win over the local luxury market? How can we compete alongside agents who have been serving the area for decades? On this episode, Realtor at Keller Williams Realty Palo Alto, Maria Afzal shares how to make a name for ourselves when we’re new to a market. 


If you want to serve the local luxury market, you have to live, socialize and interact in the area. -Maria Afzal


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Whenever we’re new to an area, socializing with new people is important. However, if we want to establish ourselves as successful agents in the market, we have to make sure the people we spend most of our time with are also successful.

  • To serve a luxury community, we have to be a part of it. To show our authenticity, it’s important we live alongside and socialize with the luxury community.

  • Pick the right mentor. Some agents have been working an area for decades, so if we want to enter the space, their guidance and mentorship is key.


On this episode, we spoke about how to market ourselves to a luxury market when we’re new to the space. After discussing the importance of using our marketing to highlight our integrity, we mentioned why it’s key to build relationships with other honest, integrity-driven agents across the country.


We also discussed:

  • How to avoid being surrounded by negativity
  • The pros and cons of working with celebrity clients
  • How the unprecedented challenges posed by 2020 will impact the luxury market


Guest Bio

Maria Afzal is a Realtor and proud member of the Keller Williams Realty Palo Alto team. After starting her career in real estate in Virginia, her love of the industry took her across the country, and in 2016 she entered the world of Luxury Real Estate in Silicon Valley. Maria is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist - Million Dollar Guild Member. She is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, and The Institute of Luxury Home Marketing. 


To find out more about Maria, head to:


You can also email her directly on

And text her on 650 561 6073 

Using Art to Market Luxury Homes

In this episode, we will talk about an amazing property that we are marketing right now at just under $3 million. It has some amazing features, such as an indoor saltwater pool, but we wanted to make these features pop on camera and video.

How to Build Relationships with Agents Internationally w/Ramon Davila

Hope everyone is staying healthy and positive with COVID-19. When our economy loosens up, there will be many high net worth buyers aiming to purchase more international properties. Agents should familiarize the complexities of international transactions.

What concerns do high net worth sellers have when choosing agents? What are the benefits of buying properties in Mexico? Do we need to be fluent in Spanish to be successful in the Mexican market? What do we need to know about the transaction process in the country?

On this episode, the past President of Keller Williams Luxury Division Mexico, Ramon Davila, shares how to build relationships with agents Internationally and how to invest in property in Mexico.


Low property taxes and the current state of the Peso offer great opportunities for US investors to buy property in Mexico. -Ramon Davila



Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Let buyers know the benefits: properties in Mexico have around 14% value-add every year, and rented out properties see 5-6% return on investments annually.

  • It’s a good idea to have fluent Spanish-speakers on our teams. While most international luxury buyers can speak English, it’s always helpful to have a Spanish-speaking team member to assist with details and contracts.

  • When it comes to transactions in Mexico, confidentiality is key. Instead of signs and advertisements, most sellers prefer to have their properties handled discreetly.

At the start of this episode, we heard some of the benefits of investing in property in Mexico. After learning that property tax is low in the country, we also spoke about how the exchange rate benefits American buyers. 

We also shared insights on:

  • Why Mexican buyers are looking to invest internationally
  • Key Millennial buying trends
  • How to contact sellers discreetly


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Guest Bio

Ramon Davila is an agent at Keller Williams, where he runs a successful team. Together with his team, Ramon works with investors and commercial properties. He also helped launch the Keller Williams luxury division. Ramon is enthusiastic about the opportunities for foreign investors in Mexico, and is excited by any opportunity to help international buyers and sellers gain a foothold in the country. 


To find out more about Ramon, head to: 

You can also reach him directly on


The Power of Demonstration

Do you know how to use the power of demonstration in real estate? The power of demonstration means showing people—not telling them—how you can sell their home faster and for more money than anyone else, and today I’ll share several ways you can leverage the power of demonstration. The first is through video books.

The Rise of Blockchain & Digital Currency in Real Estate w/Donald Hyun Kiolbassa

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy with the Corona Virus. Real estate is an industry experiencing significant change, and one of those changes is cryptocurrency in transactions. How does it work and what is the underlying technology that makes it so favorable in business? How should real estate agents be approaching this technology? In this episode, Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, real estate and estate planning attorney with cryptocurrency expertise, shares what the rise of cryptocurrency means for our industry.

Exercise an extremely heightened level of caution before proceeding a deal that involves blockchain. -Donald Hyun Kiolbassa  


Takeaways + Tactics: 

  • When government monetary regulations started popping up, this created an appetite to circumvent them and this created cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency is the exchange, blockchain is the underlying tech that makes it hacker proof. 

  • Change your Bitcoin into cash before an exchange. There aren’t enough safeguards and regulations for direct exchanges yet. 

  • Cryptocurrency is the future of real estate, and while we’re not there yet, it’s good for agents to know what it is, and how we can use it.


At the start of the show, we talked about a transaction that involved cryptocurrency, and how it led to me meeting Donald. Next, Donald shared some basic information on blockchain, why it’s become popular and the technology behind it. We also talked about whether or not real estate agents and their clients should start doing cryptocurrency transactions. 


We also discussed; 

  • How government policies created the appetite for cryptocurrency 
  • How blockchain can be used to reduce fraudulent transactions 
  • The drawbacks of cryptocurrency


Guest Bio 

Donald Hyun Kiolbassa is a real estate and estate planning attorney, investor and speaker. Over the past 11 years he has managed thousands of residential real estate transactions, and has extensive experience in corporate structuring and tax implications of residential and commercial real estate transactions. For more information, visit

The Power of Before and After

When it comes to marketing a client’s home, you need to figure out what to do in order to position their home more effectively to a larger pool of buyers. In this week’s post, I discuss the power of certain "before and after" marketing materials that will help you, as an agent, communicate to taste-specific clients about the importance of broadening their home’s appeal, therefore increasing the number of luxury listings in your portfolio. After all, a wider base of buyers could equal more money in your sellers’ pockets.

How to Use Personalized Video Messaging w/Ethan Beute

Video is a great communication tool, and we should be using it to our advantage. With the recent "Shelter In Place" orders in many states along with agents working with clients remotely during this Corona Virus outbreak, video communication is a great way to deliver your message. When should we send potential clients personalized video messages, and what should we include in them? How can video messages help us build stronger relationships with clients?



Create casual content. When you can get comfortable on camera and be yourself in a natural, unscripted way, it shows a level of confidence that is deeply attractive. -Ethan Beute


Takeaways + Tactics  

  • By sending a video message a few days before meeting a potential client, we can pre-sell ourselves. Plus, since 90% of our competitors won’t do this, it’s a great way to differentiate ourselves.
  • Follow up after an appointment with a video message. This video should be used to address any questions our potential client may have had at the appointment.
  • We should all be using video to rehumanize ourselves. People want to do business with those they know and trust, so using a more casual video is a great way to build relationships with potential clients.
  • At the start of this episode, we discussed how sending videos prior to an appointment can help pre-sell us to clients, and ensure they remember the appointment. We also discussed that personal videos don’t need to replace the high-budget, scripted videos many luxury agents gravitate towards, but can be an additional communication tool. 


We also shared insights on:

  • How personal videos can be used to demonstrate confidence
  • That informal videos don’t need to tarnish our exclusivity
  • Why sending personal videos saves everyone time and prioritizes convenience


Guest Bio

Ethan Beute is the Chief Evangelist for BombBomb. Having worked in marketing teams inside local television stations for over a decade, Ethan decided to pursue an MBA. It was after this that he connected with BombBomb- and he hasn’t looked back since. Ethan is passionate about helping people improve their communication, and is focused on assisting people rehumanize their businesses. Alongside Stephen Pacinelli, Ethan is the co-author of Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience.


For more information about Ethan and BombBomb, head to

And you can also email him at 


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