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How to Create Inclusivity in Real Estate by Being an Ally w/Jeff Berger

September 10, 2020

Everyone deserves the opportunity to own a home, but many minority groups like the LGBTQ+ community hold back from homeownership. What’s stopping LGBTQ+ consumers from buying the homes of their dreams?

Only 49% of the American LGBTQ+ community own property, compared to the 65% national average. That’s a wide gap, mostly created by safety concerns. 

How can real estate professionals create a more inclusive environment for all consumers? Can we help the LGBTQ+ community if we’re not members ourselves? 

In this episode, Founder and President of NAGLREP, Jeff Berger shares how we can create safe spaces for minority groups. 


When an LGBTQ+ consumer is searching for a home, they need an allied agent to help them. That's the differentiator. -Jeff Berger


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Those who don’t identify as LGBTQ+ can still create safe spaces for the community by being allies. We don’t need to be part of a group to show compassion. 
  • Joining an inclusive association like NAGLREP helps us publicly identify as allies, so consumers know they’ll feel safe working with us.
  • Research where LGBTQ+ consumers are looking for property. By understanding the consumer, we can learn how to serve them more effectively. 


Guest Bio

Jeff Berger is the Founder and President of the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals. A dedicated champion for LGBTQ+ rights, Jeff founded NAGLREP in May 2007 with a vision of business and advocacy. Jeff is also a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker, and studied marketing at Boston University School of Management. 

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