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Authentic Video & Luxury Marketing w/Ben Bacal, Listing Agent for America’s Most Expensive Home

June 22, 2017

Most potential buyers want to consume community content before they buy a property. How can you use video to bring value through community content? How can you create video without using too many resources? What’s the role of hunger in your journey to success? On this show, we are joined by Los Angeles luxury agent Ben Bacal, who recently listed the most expensive home in America, to share his strategies for marketing luxury homes though authentic video.

This business is all about sharing, it’s not about winning. -Ben Bacal

Takeaways + Tactics  

  • 73% of home sellers are more likely to list with an agent who offers to market their property with video.
  • There’s a difference between being an agent and being a tour guide.
  • The people you want to align yourself with in this business are other brokers.

At the start of the show, Ben shared how he got started and how he bounced back from the bad times in his career. Next, we talked about why you want to set yourself apart by bringing value to your clients. Ben also spoke about the importance of giving people video content based on the community and neighborhood.

Ben also spoke about:

  • The importance of sharing
  • Why you need to be an authority figure
  • The importance of aligning yourself with brokers

 If you’re not taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone, you won’t be able to bring value, position yourself as a leading authority and attract the business you want. If you’re not shooting video content, you’re not really relevant and people won’t know who you are. Remember, you’re not going to generate business by sitting in your office all day.

Guest Bio

Ben Bacal has become a clear leader in Southern California’s luxury real estate business. Selling over a billion dollars in residential real estate, he has carved his niche and driven prices in the most prominent neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Building his real estate empire from the ground up, Ben was recently ranked #9 in the nation by The Wall Street Journal for individual sales volume. Go to or email